[Arena State] A picture says a thousand words

I just wanted to give a visual idea of the current state of the game.

Between these pictures 7 months have passed and a massively improved team, as well as more battling knowledge on my part.

Have a look at my arena leaderboard progressive over 7+ months…

My team and rating 7+ months ago:

And here is my current team and rating:


For someone who absolutely despises DC the way you do, I’m really quite amazed to see it on your team.


Yeah with the current state of the game I didnt really have a choice. When I played proper without it I just got ratted and couldn’t secure a win.

I would love to take it out. But we are in the Rat Meta =/

Edit: I don’t do the swapping in and out thing though, and sometimes I would bring it out and use it normal and battle with it, and when it was near death let it die, not regenerate and escape.
Also ive not invested much boosts at all in it, I think its got like 1200 damage or something and 119 speed.

Edit 2: I don’t arena anymore so its a non issue though.

As soon as Magna is unlocked its taking the place of rat though.

Tsk tsk! For shame~ (I kid)

I still haven’t caved. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You should try work unique spitter onto your team, its great!

Might be rat bait at first till higher levelled or boosted health though, but can be great to draw out their rat early!

I’ve already got three that are good at drawing out Draco. It’ll be on my team once its got more health. Its too squishy right now.

I also need to figure out what its replacing.
Tany is my fastest and hardest hitting dino on turn one (without crit) and Magna has been good against Draco’s also.
Puru will soon be replaced by its hybrid.

Your point? I was 5.7k trophies at the end of 1.6. When 1.7 dropped, i literally fell to 4.6k trophies. Same team. When 1.7 ended, i was 5.2k trophies. The meta changes, your team’s position in the game changes.

The problem with this game is its an ever moving travellator. You dun run fast enough, you get left behind. 1.7 matchmaking made the game into an airport of 100 paths.

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My point is that massively improving my team and getting better at the game have not only caused me not to progress at all in 7 months, but actually went backwards.

Thats my point!


And it wasn’t a meta change that caused this, it was Ludia literally breaking the game.

  1. They added boosts which made it so players who invested less time but more money could stomp players who put time into their teams.
  2. They wrecked matchmaking in a way that punishes the old way of levelling a team, further pushing towards boosts.
  3. They added Rat, a way for players to get undeserved wins when they should have lost the match.

Skill and hard work mean nothing anymore. And its all Ludia’s fault!

You know how many matches I have lost that I was 100% going to win simply because of rat swapping in and giving a win when they should have gotten a loss? ive literally lost count.

Take away rat and put real matches back where skill and strategy matter and ill easily add 1400 trophies to my current count.

EDIT: Cant even earn my daily Pachy DNA today because it requires opening a ton of incubators, too many to do with the free ones, since arena is unplayable now for me.


I know it’s off topic buddy but If you do decide to do arenas again I’ve got a little system that helps with the incubators daily. My dailies alternate between 12 battles one day then incubators the next, so I know when I’m going to get the 6 incubators daily so when I know I’ll likely be getting one the next day I keep the strike towers until the morning and put a 3 hour incubator on around 5pm and don’t open it, when it’s finished then start an 8hour if I’ve got one and open them both in the morning them plus the strike towers and the free one you can get your daily incubator task done in no time it also obviously helps with the coin darts etc


Oh thats actually a good idea =D.

I have been under some pressure from alliance members due to my lack of contribution towards the battle incubator missions, but I try to make up for it with maxing all donations and darting more than normal, which is easy when you aren’t wasting time in the cesspool lol.

Sadly its never easy to get an incubator from arena where im at, like taking 10 rat and speed boosted Thor infested losses before earning my 15m garbage can, so it wouldn’t be so easy.

I just wish Ludia would make matchmaking fair so arena felt like an option, like even the free boosts aren’t enough to overcome the fear of the all but assured rage that will ensue!

“I feel the rage increasin’” - Parody of I wanna be sedated
Plenty more, plenty more, battles to gooooo
I cant complete my daily!
No way to win, no way to get a kill
I feel the rage increasin’
Just get me to the battle
Gunna use my Rex
Hurry Hurry Hurry
Before my Dino’s dead
I think he’s gunna Drake me!
I see it in my head!
(Draco swaps in)
No, no, no, no, no, no!

Plenty more, plenty more, battles to goooo
I feel the rage increasin’

Little sneak peak of something im working on :wink:


You always have a choice.
I’m not using rat, my average team level is 24.75 and I’m at around 5300 trophies. And I never paid for boosts.
But since you’re not playing, don’t put it in your line-up :slight_smile: Looks nicer that way!

We might be in the rat meta, but it’s very easy to survive in it without using it. Maybe not in the top 50 endgame so much, but even there you see players who aren’t using it. So I don’t understand why it’s a “must” to have it lined up. It’s not.

True I do have a choice to not use it, but in doing so would put myself at a massive disadvantage given that the vast majority of the players have one, so the odds of encountering one on the enemy team is very high, and since we have just 8 dinosaur slots its drawn very often.

When I wasn’t using it I would outplay the other player and go for the killing blow…and get ratted and lose…

I prefer matches without it and was doing much better before it was added into the game, but putting myself at a disadvantage is not a good idea, I know I didnt have rat on my team for ages before finally caving and adding it just so I could complete my dailies.
That being said, if arena was actually fun and not rage inducing I would definitely not use it at all, but since I want battling for fun and only to earn the daily incubator, I had to use it.

Thats when I decided that given arena isn’t fun anymore what is the point of bothering to do the daily battle incubator. Which is why I stopped using arena all together now until its fixed.

EDIT: My stress levels have gone WAY down also since I stopped using arena and just focus on collecting, doing strike towers and friendly challenges!
Friendlies don’t cause me stress even when rats is in the match because all dinosaurs are even level and no boosts, so strategy matters, like counters to this and that and so on.
Even Thor is fine when it doesn’t have 143 speed and 2800 damage due to boosts.

If there was a boosts disabled seperate arena where matches were like old school matches where you bring this and that to counter something, like a 129 speed Dino to counter the 128 speed and such, I would LIVE in that arena lol.

But when you do a match and they bring out a Thor with 150 speed and 2800 damage to sweep your team, or if you DO kill that Thor and then they rat you, that is not even remotely fun…perhaps for THEM it is, but not for the victim.

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Massive disadvantage is very exaggerated. As I just stated, I’m at very similar trophy levels compared to my equal level opponents who do use rat. The difference is somewhat neglectable, and I’m starting to notice that way less than 50% of the battles have a rat in it.

I also use rat because of rat meta. Of course you can survive without it, but your trophy count would surely be a lot lower… The rat kills other rats when they use the stun move. I don’t have (and don’t want) a superleveled and boosted Thor, so jokes aside, I’m not really ashamed of using DC.

Rat meta? Hardly. They don’t dominate the arena. I have NO problem with them. I just faced a Thor with 147 speed, 7000+ health and almost 3000 damage. Or the utarinex I’ve faced with 160 speed… Or the erlidoms with the same speed and almost 3000 damage as well.

Rat meta. Don’t make me laugh.


Clearly it’s because you stopped using gorgo