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Arena still broken

I lost because of this immortal dragon…

Also het Every 3 sec this screen


It’s unplayable.


I’m sorry that happened, Sophie_Landman. Our team is working on a solution for this issue.

What exactly was improved and changed with this season 3 of the Arena? Still getting oponents way stronger than I am, I am sure I wasnt loosing that much trophies when I got defeated (now even 18, 21 which is ridicolous). Yeah, you changed the reroll time to 2 minutes but what good is that when there are no weaker oponents as you were claiming there to be after reroll? Even the defense of dragons seems the same… Just another plain promise to keep our mouths shut


The amount of trophies you lose or win is partly based on the rank you are in. You lost half your trophies at the beginning of this season so you lose more every time you get defeated now because you are in a lower rank.

Arena is just scrap.