Arena sucks!

Yep there I said it! Arena sucks big time. Matchmaking leaves something to be desired which says a lot.

Side Note: I had to make the post G rated so that it was not “inappropriate” or “offensive.” Since the post got flagged by the community


Very creative, I’ll give you that.


Yeah, I am playing my level 22/23 team in Lockwood, which usually gives me a pretty even match. I had two AI battles and then it gave me someone who had a 17/18 team. I felt bad… I am sure they were not dropping either, by the way they played.

Well with me it is levels higher than my own.

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Yep, totally get it.

My point is that there is not a lot of balance right now. It seems like they are putting teams together when they shouldn’t be. Perhaps it is an error in their coding or (as I suspect) there are not enough matches to be had so they have relaxed the level checks,

Whatever it is, the matchmaking is really bad right now.

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