Arena suggestion


:bulb: What about Ludia makes it so once you have unlocked a arena you just unlock more possible Dino’s. Don’t have exclusive Dino’s which give people incentive to tank (lose on purpose). It won’t matter if you then drop down again, once youve made it past 4000 :trophy: you are always entitled to the Dino’s offered in the pool. I’m not 100% in the mechanics of incubator rewards and the chances of each but I think just removing exclusives would remove the incentive to drop arenas. How do I send this to them? Or can someone reword this a bit more eloquently who knows what they are talking about.

Ethics of tanking down arenas (losing on purpose)

I hate to say it, but I think that might actually be worse than what the current system is. Mostly because of how much DNA is needed generally to create/level some of the hybrids, it would be super frustrating to only have a 1/x chance of getting that particular DNA versus something you don’t currently want or need. Especially if you had a streak of bad RNG on getting what you were looking for, and for 10 or 20 incubators in a row got nothing but Purussaurus, Proceratosaurus, or heaven forbid Stygimoloch gen 2. I’d guess you’d see a lot of people artificially staying in their current arena to better their odds of getting what they want, or leaving the game over how much more difficult certain DNA would be to get if they did something like that =\