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Arena suggestions

The arena has such potential but definitely needs some tweaks to improve it. Here are my suggestions:

  1. don’t buff the defenders as much (or at all?) They already get extra defenders! That should be enough.
  2. on a loss, why do we lose trophies? It just leads to players not wanting to take risks on an evenly matched or slightly higher BP team. You should just keep what you’ve earned and trophies become cumulative. That way, you progress just based on your victories. You could still keep the win streak feature.
  3. Arena energy should NOT be purchasable. Certainly not infinitely. Literally just makes the arena P2P.
  4. How about different arena leagues so that the lower powered teams can still go for top place in their league, based on fighting teams near their own strength.
  5. If you’re going to keep the (in my opinion OP) defensive buff, how about an option to reroll a lower BP team, but with a smaller amount of trophies as a reward.

These are some great suggestions in my opinion!