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Arena System Reporting Issues

I’m starting to believe that there are not only hackers in this game, but there seems to be an increasing number of false reports from the Arena. What I can’t fundamentally understand is how an innocent player gets a ban in this game? Not only an innocent player gets banned, but then no investigation gets done at all for that innocent player.

The only thing that makes any sense is there must be a ton of random players that get bitter when they lose and feel the need to report the player who beat them. Ludia, you guys have to fix this. I just spent a decent amount of money on runes and now have to write about my innocent ban instead of playing the game.

Something HAS to be done to protect the players who play this game fairly. I received a temporary ban and I have absolutely no idea what it could be other then someone in Arena spam reporting. I don’t chat at all in the clan chat, I play fairly, I don’t even report players in Arena even if it looks suspicious. I know that reporting someone without trully knowing how the match went is something Ludia should figure out not the players.

Don’t let players make those decisions…there are way too many people who won’t do this the correct way. That is far too much power to give to people who will take advantage of the situation and ruin it for fair players.

Ludia support, can you PLEASE do something, anything at all to help players who are getting banned for playing the game fairly

I want someone to please look at the logs before banning someone! I will guarantee anything that the logs will prove a lot of innocent players like myself did nothing wrong. Can someone please message me to work through this horrible issue?

Please do something to help those of us playing the game fairly.