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Arena Team Selection

Greetings from Bulgaria. I think I am blind or not so sure, but I can’t find where exactly is the field to “Create team/party” ( just example) in the Arena. I’m searching it from 2 days and try different options but I still don’t have any clue. In expeditions and challenges there is no problem with the team but when I click the “Battle” button I’m not playing with the team that I want to use in the Arena. So am I blind or it’s just a simple mistake in a brand new game ?

Unfortunately, I have bad news.

You have no choice on who you use. It’s randomly selected from who you own. This isn’t a bug, it’s how they designed it, to make it so people level their people equally. However, the arena is so unbalanced, I’d hold off till they fix it. Just wait till you fight level 8s with a team of level 5s. You can’t win at that point.