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Arena team, suggestions

Lower library/ Aviary.

Recent meta change and my team changed.
What now?
This is what I have to work with:

Thanks in advance!

Sucho out maxima in and tryo out indo/uta in.


You think indo is better than tryo?
Tryo is the destroyer, a bit situational, definitely not a starter. Great revenge killer that just keeps killing. Tryo is 2,3,4.

I agree with sucho, just got maxima to team strength

Its stats just are no match for indo, which is also a fine revenge killer. You don’t see tryo in higher arenas, with very few exceptions of people who can’t let it go or overboosted it.
I’d put maxima in also. Sucho can be a pain when played properly, but it’s not a rare for no reason…

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How about now?
Added erlikospix