Arena Tier and Player Level

Out of interest, what is the approx. player level for each arena tier?

I recently dropped from near top of Aviary to scraping into Lockwood Estates, and, as the trophies slipped through my fingers ever faster, I struggled to get an idea of where I should be relative to other players, and what I should expect in each arena. One battle would be against level 27’s, the next level 21’s. I fully appreciate boosts play a major role, but that should be levelling out.

Of the few times I fought the AI in Lockwood that seemed to be a team of roughly level 24’s, so I’m using that as a rough guide, but would be interested if anyone has any better info/ideas.

I think that in general, it is leveling out. The recent tournament seemed to shake things up a little as I’m now facing occasional players in Sorna Marshes, with teams of levels 26 and 27th, so maybe they lost a few and dropped way down. Now the event has ended I imagine they are climbing back up to where they are supposed to be.

My avg level 26 team was knocked down hard from 4900 to almost under 4000 unboosted. After giving in and spreading the boosts around (same dinos and levels) i’m slowly working my way back up Aviary. Too many sonic Thor speedbumps along the way though.