Arena/Tournament Issues

Ludia started trophy reset because the old leaderboard was stagnant, but now it is obviously happening again. With the reward tiers, the ones towards the top will improve their teams in folds over the ones towards the bottom and have already basically locked in their spots anyway. Total reset screws over newer players but partial reset does too, to be honest. A cooldown might be of some help. A portion of the top should not be able to participate for one or two seasons.

If Relentless didnt obviously stop participating in the tournament halfway through, the top three would’ve been the exact same people as last season :woman_shrugging:t2:

I really think we should have 2 arenas. Tournament arena should be like friendly battles everyone with the same level dinos and the second arena you play your own dinos at whatever level you have them.

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Issue with that idea is most people will be using similar, if not the same line up, and it’ll come down to luck of the draw. If all Dino’s are the same level, people can compete with the same dinosaurs whether they’ve been leveling one for a while or have just unlocked one.

Yeah true but it wouldn’t be so lopsided. It would also force you to use dinos you normally wouldn’t use. Also it would stop the same top people from just taking all the top spots. You would still have arena 2 to fight your regular dinos.

I really think a lot of people need to read up on what “competitive game” means. Please… Please please please stop thinking it should all be “fair” and “equal” because it shouldn’t. If you hate the tournament play friend battles but the “leader board” is representative of the top players and not designed to put everyone on equal footing. I could see a rankless arena with no trophies possibly but that it what friend battles are already there for.

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Does encountering a Level 15 player with an Indoraptor and a team full of Legendaries in Arena 5 count as an issue?

I’m not delusional, lol. I am simply stating the arena reset isn’t working as they intended. Instead of giving more people a chance at the leaderboard, it is resulting in the same people, like before. The leaderboard before the tournament was stagnant with the top certain number of players hardly changing, and they brought in trophy resets to shake things up. However, it’s visible to anyone that the top certain # will be about the same until those players quit or stop participating as frequently.

I wouldn’t think so. The player level cap is 20. If someone leveled up dinosaurs strategically, they would have a unique or two and some good legendaries by 15.

So what is a player like that doing in Arena 5? You know, the Badlands. This is no longer a fight, this is slaughter.

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Unfortunately, Badlands probably gets hit a lot because it has the Incubator-exclusive, Irritator. I addressed this in another post. Honestly, Ludia is directly causing that issue for lower level players by keeping the Irritator out of the wild and putting her in Arena 5 (a relatively lower arena).