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Arena trophies for dropping


So I’m playing around on my son’s account and decide to battle. His dinos are around level 22, he’s barely over 4k trophies. And I get matched against someone with level 26-28 dinos… I lose and drop 45 trophies… 45! There should be a better balance than trophy disparity… just because this person decided to arena drop and the. Work their way back up doesn’t mean it should negatively affect the people that belong at that level. I think in cases like this where there is a 3+ dino level difference then team level should have a bigger affect on trophy win or loss than trophy level. So if someone is at 3500 and beats someone at 3950 but they have higher dinos then the trophies shouldn’t be a huge amount. They wanna drop, make them earn their way back up… 10 trophies per win for droppers… See how enthusiastic they’ll be to drop next time! Instead of taking 45 trophies from someone actually battling their level…


Realistically the fact that there are so many droppers should tell you something about the higher level arenas and think about how important non tournament trophy count is

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this, and how time consuming battling in higher arena is :smiley: with some bad luck and RNG you can battle for like 20-30 minutes and still don’t get an incubator. Sadly no wonder why people drop down for “easy” wins and incubator. Not everyone has the time to battle all day every day.
I have no problem with this (also have faced a lot of way higher level dinos around my trophy count) but the trophy system should really change or adjust to these situations. Because now you get punished twice :smiley: get defeated by a player with higher level dinos (waste of your time) and also lose 40+ trophies just because he/she is climbing back up or something.


Better would be the oft cited Max level dino per arena. But the uniques ruined any momentum that would have. Dunno every one goes on and on about losing streaks but I’m always with in a few trophies at the end as I was at begining

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They really need to redo the trophy system and make the min/max something like 5 minimum and 20 or 30 maximum that you can gain/lose. Stop this madness of losing 50+ to some lucky dodges or crits. It makes me play less because i get fed up with it.


There should be 2 sets of trophies one for arena and one for tournament. Make the tourneyment one have a fixed number that is kept and displayed until next tournament where it is reset and re attained


There is so much that they should do, and so many different manners in which to do it that would make the arena fun for all levels without problems like droppers or broken RNG… But instead they just throw tournament after tournament at you. But yes the highest rank reached would be nice, they did tease it. And I do like the level cap per arena. Uniques are fine as long as they’re at a certain level.