Arena Trophies


Is anyone else having a problem with arena trophies? I’ve noticed for a while now they haven’t been consistent, but last night when I played last I noted that I had 1366, and I thought to myself ‘great! Not far from the next arena.’ However, this morning I am at 1200.
What’s going on?!


If you win a battle you earn more trophies. However if you lose a battle you loose trophies. It’s easy to miss this if you immediately tap the screen at the end of a match rather than let the animations play out. If you allow the animation to run you see your count increase or decrease as is warranted.


Yeah, I know that. But I closed the game on more than 1300, and woke up to 1200, without playing any battles in between. It’s not the first time that my trophy count has glitched, either.


Ah. Didn’t realize that. I’ve encountered glitchy behavior myself but not that. Yet. Hopefully Ludia will address this.


Hey Jenn, this is the first time I’ve heard of this issue, but reach out to our support team here at so they can investigate this. Include your support key and any other information you might have or screenshots in your email.