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Arena Trophy Distribution of Points - Possible Fraud

Arena Trophy Count: 5741 at the start of my match up
Team: unboosted level 30

Opposing Team: 5927
Team: Fully boosted avg 29

Loss gave me -40 for that one.

Anyone here would like to give this one a whirl?
My bet is they are punishing anyone not boosting to get them to boost. Feels like an hidden algorythm change to boost sales (pun intended). Either way starting to feel more and more like a scam of a game.

Screenshots provided for giggles. 1 of from my trophy count, the other two what I faced.

My experience has always been both match making and trophy algorithm doesnt even look at boosts… so it sees your higher team level and says your the higher level opponent regardless of boosts so your punished trophy wise for losing to a lower level team.

It was the same in boosts 1.0 for me… the make a level based match making system then sell boosts as a way around the system.

You’re only seeing their high score. They could currently be lower than you. That’s my guess but who knows with Ludia.