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Arena Trophy Reward System Change? 11-5-2021

So apparently the Trophy Reward System for the Arena has been changed to that godawful system where you can lose and receive up to 40 Trophies in one battle. @Ned or anyone else can you guys please verify whether or not this is intended? It wasn’t mentioned at all in the Patch Notes, and this system is way worse than the 30/30 Trophy Reward System that the Arena used to have before the Update.


Hi there! The team is aware and is looking into this issue.


Just lost a couple battles, -33 and -35. Won a battle, got 30.

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Please change it back asap. The (up to) +40/-40 system was horrible. Losing to people with dinos several levels above yours should never result in a -40 when winning that same battle gives only 20.

Change it to 25/30 or something. 40/20 is horrific and 30/30 is causing bottlenecks everywhere.

I noticed my score is not ending in 9 anymore, I wasn’t paying attention but it seems the +30/-30 system has been changed. I was reset at 5499 at the start the season and my current score is now 5631, it was 5679, 5649 or 5619 just before the update.

Everyone: “the 30/30 matchmaking system is terrible!”

Ludia: reverts to old system

Everyone: “Noooooooooo!!!”

To be honest though, I totally agree. The 30/30 system absolutely needs improvement, but it’s at least better than what we used to have.


I would like to see their code sooooo much. It’s not the first time we see old stuff coming back after an update. It’s has if this game has 4482528364 modules, that have to be hand picked every build, and nobody knows which one is which :slight_smile:


30/30 is terrible and why you have trophy spamming right now.

I just had 2 matches. I have 6100 trophies and lost to 6264 trophies player. I lost 20 though not sure how much they win.

Second battle I’m at 6100 and beat player with 6040 trophies and won 29 trophies.

That seems to be a lot better system than previous 30/30…

I won and got 22 trophies, lost and got -40.
The 30/30 system isn’t great, but it’s way better than this one.

As to why the system got changed, I can think of two options, and neither of them are very good.

Even after removing creature stats from the patch notes so there would be a lower chance of them getting something wrong, they still forgot to mention this major change.


Ludia just did a classic Ludia mistake and pushed out a change from a future update, or something that wasn’t meant to be out at all.

Either way, I really hope we won’t need another “2.X Issues” thread.


loosing less than you can win is always preferred. however, if this is the win 20 loose 40 system that they changed to the 30/30 in an attempt to bandaid it, its worse. and i would prefer 30/30 over that.


Just when we thought things were going to go great for once.

I don’t think it is. I just had another battle where I’m ranked 6100 and opponent was 6070. I won 27 trophies.

Was it current scores or high scores?

Just had another battle…I’m at 6100 and opponent was at 6610 I won 40 trophies.

It’s definitely not the 20/40 system as I’ve been getting odd numbered wins and losses. Still trying to figure out spread for what the W/L amounts are.

To summarize:

I’m at 6100 trophies…

Battle #1: Lost 20 trophies (opponent rank 6264)
Battle #2: Won 29 trophies (opponent rank 6040)
Battle #3: Won 27 trophies (opponent rank 6070)
Battle #4: Won 40 trophies (opponent rank 6610)

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If that’s the case, it’s an improvement over the +30/-30 system.

Possibly the current score of battle #3 was lower than of battle #2.


If they did fix matchmaking, that’s great. But man, they should have told us, don’t you think?


I’ve only done one battle so far, and I won 40 from it. Curious to see what’s going on with it…

Improvement, ya no far from it.

According to @MHSzymczyk , you win more trophies if your opponent is higher than you and lose less trophies if your opponent is higher than you. I don’t see why it is not an improvement over the +30/-30 system if that is confirmed by Ludia.

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