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Arena troubles

My cloaked lvl 21 Erlidominus was just one-shot knocked out by a lvl 24 Diplotator. I am mad about this. Why is a Diplotator strong enough to one-shot a cloaked Erlidominus? Why are rare creatures being equal, even greater than Uniques? Why are we being made to think we should be wasting our time and money on Uniques when rares are just as strong and some even stronger.

Further more, I am sick and tired of being pitted against players with teams that are several levels higher than my own. I hate constantly being sent back to the estate. The arena needs to be more evenly matched. My highest lvl creature is lvl 24 Indoraptor. I’ve been facing lvl 27 creatures repeatedly. Oh yes, I could get stronger, but its making no difference. One step forward four steps back. It’s frustrating.

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Just because creature A can beat creature B doesn’t mean that creature A is better. Thylacotator beats Ardentismaxima, but Ardentismaxima is obviously the much better creature.

And in your case, the Diplotator won because it got lucky, and was higher level (disregarding boosts).

Look, if you seriously think Diplotator is better than Erlidominus, by all means, continue to do so.

That said, there are some Rares (e.g. Marsupial Lion) that are arguably better than Erlidominus, and you can totally blame that on Ludia’s bad balancing.

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Oh. I understand how you feel. Im tired to earn coin at the arena.
I want a social battle like HALO3. more fair…

What is your trophy count? Sounds like you are maybe in Aviary. Aviary is probably the worst place for the league effect due to strength playing a role in matching. Basically others much bigger than any given player are at the same trophy count because they typically match against bigger opponents. Then, as lower strength teams move up, they eventually will get matched against these much stronger teams. To the lower strength team, it feels like an unfair match, and realistically, it is. But also realistically, the lower strength time should not have been allowed to reach that trophy count anyway. They reached that count because match making kept saving them from having to battle the more powerful opponents at similar trophy counts, but again, that eventually ends up happening.