Arena Type's


Why can’t we change the battle areas for example: from SS Arcadia to Mount Sibo or Training Stage? And the “boxes” you can buy when you climb next lvl arena has to be in the in game store, not only once available!


It would make it interesting, because then you could focus on gathering specific DNA, but then there would have to be players also in that arena that match your trophy level. You wouldn’t expect them to let you play with high level dinos against beginners do you?


Yeah, makes sense and you’re right with the last thing! But then make more slots" for battle incubator! 8 slots like the battle team!

Even more available für bucks maybe?!


Actually, speaking of more slots, maybe they could make it 4 slots per arena. Then more people would for sure drop down to a previous area for more incubators. As long as you could have one activated per arena, not just one at a time overall.


Problem is the following; if you actually need an entire player group for one arena you’re splitting up the entire community in so many sub categories instead of one big pool as it currently is. Certain dinosaurs also are way stronger and require high arena points in order for it to be obtained from incubators.

The boxes are very similar like the level-up deals. Its a very impulsive buy since its a “once in a lifetime” oppprtunity. In other words an easy cash grab since its obviously way cheaper vs having to buy them in the store. It should be kept limited to avoid too much P2W. Players still need to go outside as a firdt incentive, not only cash grabs.

Now i do agree there should be some kind of way to obtain specific dino DNA but i’d rather change the system vs splitting arenas. Give players an option to choose a couple of rewards, just like the dino team and the incubator still picks random rewards just like the dino team. Limit the rewards accordingly: 4 slots for common, 2 for rare, 2 for epic. Its still random but now you have more power vs a complete gamble. Especially higher arena is a compmete gamble; the dino pool is so big. Exclusives should never be an option they need to be exclusive. Now you are able to filter your rewards without having to split up arenas and essentially the community.

Instead of completely random you now have somewhat of a choice. Climbing allows you to unlock other dinosaurs to choose from as a reward. Being in a higher arena is more rewarding since you now can effectively choose from any epic, not just a completely random one. Secondly and most importantly: you can now choose more dinosaurs which don’t spawn effectively in your region. I’d rather have sucho DNA over Euoplo DNA from random arena incubators simply because i can’t catch those in my region. I have to move to specific locations in order for me to level them: this opens up more options; especially for those with less time to play (and being able to travel everywhere). Win-win for everyone!