I’ve been meeting the same chetaers in the arena for months now with their indoraptors so it’s impossible to play I’m stuck in sorna marshes , help me please :singhiozzare: My nick is :Tardpep

Hey Giuseppe, any players who were flagged for cheating would have been excluded from playing against non-cheating players. There’s also some more information here about this: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheaters & Tournament Play
Was there any specific reasons why you might think you were batting someone who was cheating?

Indoraptor was available in the wild last week, so many players were able to unlock him.
My guess Is that you are going through a losing streak and are just blaming something that isnt


Everyone hits a wall in the arena at some point. It just means that the opponents are stronger than you—they’re not cheaters, but strategic players with slightly stronger creatures. Just because your opponent has an Indoraptor, or just because someone manages to get all the crits and dodges in their favor, doesn’t mean their cheating. Might be bad RNG for you, but it happens to all of us at one point or another.

If you post a screenshot of your team, most of us forum users would be happy to offer suggestions and critiques that might prove beneficial to you, @Giuseppe

I’m always meeting the same players according to you it’s normal I’m at level 13 and I meet palyer at level 17, moreover I’ve been meeting indoraptor long before this week

the disproportionate level of the dino compared to their player level, I have the screenshots, to players of the level similar to mine does not happen all that

this is my team I am at 3700 trophies, but it’s been months that the same players against me always happen

Generally speaking, in the Sorna Marshes arena and higher, you can be matched with an opponent up to 450 trophies stronger than you. Player level is a reflection of how much coin a player has spent on leveling up creatures, but it’s not the deciding factor for match-ups.

That being said, your team is quite strong. Your team is quite similar to one of the players on my friend’s list at around 4300 trophies, with the key difference being my friend’s lv. 23 Indoraptor and lv. 21 Tryostronix.

My recommendations are as follows (and you’re free to disregard them):

  1. go for Indoraptor first; worry about leveling your T-Rex for Trykosaurus after you get Ankyntrosaurus
  2. your Allosinosaurus is your weakest creature; swap it for Stegoceratops or Gorgosuchus until you can level up Allosino more
  3. unless you have better luck with Pyrritator (or its attack stats are better), swap it for your level 20 V-Raptor
  4. keep leveling that Stegodeus and Tragodistis…most of the powerful teams seem to have them, and until they’re nerfed to uselessness, you’re gonna keep running into them!

Regardless of any changes you may make to your team, it’s bound to get even harder as you continue to climb in the arena. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck!


Thank you very much for the advices

Hey, in the same boat as you.
However, I know I’ve fought you a few times and won. I won because you have a predictable play style so it was easy to counter.
Maybe changing up your play style some would benefit you more. :slight_smile: Ya gotta be unexpecting!

Here it is yet again:

what’s your nickname?

Same as on here.
I dropped down a few arenas though earlier this week for a changed of pace. So I’m not near 4000 trophies anymore.

mmm okay ,but because very often the same players happen to me?

Maybe we met, but I do not remember very well xD, write me the your complete nick if you like so I’ll add you to friends

Asta #8387

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