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Arenas 4,3,2,1

So guys how do we get arena 4 Because many people like me are trying to get powerful dinos like spino,baryonix,t rex and others and I’ve been wondering how to get arena 4 write your comments bellow

It would be appreciated

You have to battle to get there. It’s really that simple.

I remember being stuck in Arena 2 for like six months way back when.

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Thank you very much you can also leave your info here about what dinos you get

I already know the spiny is there

What is the average level for the creatures on your team? Velociraptor is still very good for getting revenge kills and maybe setting up for swap in effect creatures. If you join an alliance they can probably carry you through rare and epic raids for dna. I’d also suggest meiolania or carbonemys as strong tank counters to cunning dinos. But basically have a range of dino types so you can counter whatever you run into.

Can you show us what creatures you have available?

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its funny that you think creatures like baryonix and Trex are strong, but I would recommend you work towards raid dinos to get Apex’s

Hard work now, reward later

I will show you

So umm I got suchomimus,irritator,ankylo gen 2,sarcosochus,velociraptor,moschops,apatosaurus,karposochus and that’s all I based off with the most attack and defensive aka health

Anyways T. rex is legendary and that strong and bary,spino and more and that’s true they quite op

Everyone we got event in 2021.05.07

About arenas and more

So don’t forget

Trex is an epic, not a legendary…epics have a gold border whereas legendaries have a red border

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You can just edit your message, no need to send repeated ones.


I find that irri is not very useful in PvP but that’s my opinion

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Basically, use and upgrade higher rarity creatures first but keep an eye on creatures that can be used to fuse even higher rarity dinos to reap long term benefits. Also remember the key moves and roles of your dinos. When your dino dies, swap in a dino you know counters their moveset. Swap in abilities can be big game changers, especially since they will save your current dino and be able to do a little something in exchange for taking the hit.

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