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Arenas and rewards


Hi there,
Just arrived in arena 3 with 1000 points and did not get all the rewards. The epic Dino card is still Grey, and did not won it. The common and rare are validated, but not the “Kentrosaur”. Not sure if it’s normal or a bug, but as it’s part of the rewards when you arrive in this arena, I understand I should have it in my collection. Looking forward your answers, and by the way, the game is great.


I just started a few days Ago and have reached arena 2 but got there fairly quickly considering it doesn’t take long, will I not be able to get the rewards from the first arena incubators anymore? More specifically a Trex?


The rewards shown are potential dinos that will be in the incubators you win from battles. As you progress more and more species become available. They are not instant rewards for reaching the new arena, since you can be knocked down to the previous arena if you lose.


Ok seems clearer ! Thanks for the info !