Arenas and unique rewards question


I am about to unlock 2nd arena, Mt. Sibo, with 498/500 medals right now, BUT I’d want to unlock Proceratosaurus first, as it’s, as far as I understand, unique reward from Fallen Kingdom arena, and I won’t be able to get it from any source afterwards (I’m missing just 9 DNA atm, don’t have any arena incubator left, sadly). Question is: can I chose, at which arena I fight, after I unlock Mt. Sibo, or I will be forced to play at Mt. Sibo right after I reach more than 500 medals? I want that guy just for collection purposes (although his moveset and stats seems pretty decent), but I’d want also to test some team compos - but I don’t want to risk missing opportunity to get him, and intentionally losing few matches just to make sure that I’d get that DNA sounds pretty dumb…


I had suggested a ‘random arena pick dinosaur team’ so not every single arena dinosaur is in your gamble pool. Hopefully something similar will make it into the game: you pick 5 commons, 3 rares, 3 epics for example. Then incubators will have a higher chance of giving this DNA vs having the entire arena pool DNA.

So… For now if you really want that guy you might want to stick to that arena. Even then it still is rather random so you’re never sure. Once you hit higher arenas you really never know what you’ll get. Only the reward per incubator goes up; thats the good thing really.

You can still ‘choose’ by losing on purpose to stay in a certain arena, for example. Currently thats the only way to gain guaranteed DNA from lower arenas.


Thanks. Shame there isn’t an option to chose arena you want to play, “battling” just by pressing Swap for dozen minutes doesn’t sound that exciting…


I was worried about the same thing, but it does in fact add the previous arenas’ dinosaurs to the incubator pool. Like when you get to the Arcadia for example, you’ll be still be recieving proceratosaurus and Irritator G2 in your incubators with the plus that the higher arena you battle in, the more DNA you get out of your prizes.