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Arenas are the worst ever. I'm about done

I constantly am losing to level 27 and 28 dinos, whereas mine are level 30’s, with boosts mind you. Who cares that I played every day and grinded for 2 years to get them there. These chumps with 27 can buy boosts and beat me now with ease. I see an overboosted player, and I instantly send you a boring emoji, because I’m bored with playing a pointless battle. I’m done wasting time on your overboosted arena ( BTW not players fault for playing the game that is available to them). Ludia, your failure to figure out this arena issue has cost you so many players. I used to be so positive and upbeat, but constant lack of communication and just terrible oversight has left me mad at so much of what Ludia does. Don’t even get me started on this horrendous Mammoth pursuit that apparently is happening…

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So do they have more boosts than you have on the lvl 30s? Also, even unboosted lvl 27/28 can beat lvl 30s if they have the right counters. Would be bad if you’d get killed by a full team of 24s and under though.

It has come to the point that I just do everything else except arena. I will only do enough to get incs and a DBI then that is it. I used to be so enthused with this game, however that is not the case. Arena has become the equivalent to being kicked in the nuts following direct and accurate cadence to La Fortuna or Für Elise. I feel the same way about droppers in Aviary.


I was chatting with my wife the other night about how disillusioned I have become about battling in the arena.

We both started playing at the same time, about a month after the game was launched, and I was always a little bit more enthusiastic than her. The fact that I had retired from work and she hadn’t led to me racing ahead in the early days.

We spent ages chatting and comparing our teams over the next 18 months or so, and then with another boost reset I lost interest in arena battling and kind of stalled at about 5000 trophies. I would battle if I had to for my dbi, but other than that I didn’t. I was sick to death of having highly boosted teams that were lower levels than mine beat me time after time. She on the other hand always battles and is still only at around 4800 trophies and has never hit 5000.

Anyway, back to the other nights conversation. I asked her what she was doing and she said battling in the arena. I told her I would be happy never to battle in there again. To which she said “What was the point of the last 2 years and all the boosts you have put on your team then?”. Well I was stumped, and had to stop and think for a while. A couple of days infact, and my answer is that I can now see that it’s all in my mind that I hate the arena so much. It simply is what it is.

When Ludia decided it was time to sell boosts every day last Christmas I should have gotten a different mindset. I should have said well that’s any chance of an even playing field gone now, so I’d better stop hoping to win as often as I lose.

My wife really doesn’t care one bit if she loses. She has a completely different attitude to me, and for that I commend her. I wish I could stop caring whether I win or lose. But until I can master that I will struggle to enjoy the arena experience.


I’m in the library and haven’t been there in months. Whatever I try besides spending more money will never work and I’ve faced that. It is tempting at times, but where will it end is the question. Been playing since launch and have several 29’s and 30’s. Its super frustrating and I would rather grind to levels beyond 30 if it was an option vs spend more money.

I get that just cuz I’m 30 doesn’t mean ill automatically beat lower levels. But my lvl 29 (boosted) Ardentismaxima is out boosted in all 3 categories to a lvl 27… then my 30 (boosted) Magnapyritor is outboosted and destroyed by a lvl 27 again. It is beyond irritating. Every dinosaur I face, I always assume now that they’re faster. I mean, when a Thor is speed 140+, give me a break. I’m starting to come to the conclusion, my attitude, and my time just might have ran its course

Those things are easy to kill. Because so many boosts go into speed, they’re frail, and creatures like magna destroy them

What i don’t understand is the point cup… i think people are cheating or ludia give fever to people how can this be …
That when I win i keep getting only 20 cup every win…and when I lose those people have level 30 all
Fully boost… get 40 cup evry time… i lose they take every time 40 cup… that really puzzles me… now I lose
6 time they take of 230… yesterday I win 7 time in a row and get 140 cup … and those people that I lose to
Have crazy team at all levels 30 fully boost. … and you still give 40 cup to those people… how and explain
That to me ludia and you need to make sense… your
Cup tournament make no sense at all… you need to change that … i am very puzzle how the point cup work
In the tournament… i see no fairness at all with your points cup … please i would like a answer… because
I am extremely puzzles… and for sure many others
People think the same… ludia i would like a answer…
Because all doses peoples at level 30 and fully boost
should never ever get 40 points cup ever… no matter what level they are in the regular season…you tell me ludia…

I will do a YouTube video to show to people how it is for the tournament for people to understand… for the points
Cup to show how it doesn’t make sense… i lose again 40
Points cup … to a team that have all levels 30 and fully boost… … they should never remove 40 cup… it doesn’t make sense…