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Arenas. FYI

I have something to report that may be of interest to others:

Just now at 5:55a PST I faced someone in battle via the standard PvP arena. (Not the event)

I had 3427 renown. My opponent had 3179 renown.
We are not battling people in our own arenas.

That specifically was Burntbone League vs. Labrinthine League. I just want others to be aware of this.

Thank you

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Being in different leagues is not factored into the matchmaking algorithm. The Battle Mode matchmaking process generally follows a maximum 200 trophy separation between opponents, regardless of League.

I suggest it is likely your opponent was participating in the Silverhand Trials. Silverhand Trials uses the Event algorithm for players as opposed to the one for Battle Mode. If this were the case then this match-up would be expected.

However, you have noted your opponent was in battle mode. Perhaps there is a new method to confirm this. The recent Machiavellian choice to obscure trophy counts until after battles made this impossible to monitor. Assuming your opponent was in Battle Mode, even when victory and loss adjustments are made, this match-up falls beyond the matchmaking standard of 200 trophies. It might* indicate the matchmaking algorithm expanded slightly. It will be interesting to monitor and see if the algorithm has been adjusted. A slight enlarging of the trophy gap might reduce the extensive matchmaking delays in some leagues.

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Similar thing happening in JWA. Ludia not being able to correctly match players. I get seeing one or 2 at most, because thats match making trying to find whoever else wants to battle.

The game tries to match a player with someone close in trophy rank, if no other player searching for a battle meets the criteria, the criteria for matching is expanded. This is my understanding of how it works.


The game tries to match me with bots, bots, and more bots :grinning:

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rules are rules

(In other news my high school football team will be facing the Raiders at my community college)

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I assume this is a photo of a communication with Help and Support. It is unfortunate you were inadvertently mislead. There are many threads which elaborate on Help and Support delays and consistency issues.

[Note: I do not intend to detract from support personnel. They are hard working individuals attempting to respond to an unending stream of support tickets.]

Early adopters were very fortunate. There used to be a few extremely knowledgeable users willing to provide accurate responses to such queries. Loremaster (retsamerol) was a prime example. He posted useful and elaborate guides to many WoW features. Unfortunately many of these players left during the February/March exodus.

This being said, I still find it more useful to ask such questions here as users can often provide more reliable responses in a much shorter time frame. Additionally, if the mods choose, they can comment to clarify any inaccuracies. This also has the benefit of reducing the strain being applied to support staff, which may increase response time and accuracy.

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Thanks @Orloch

P.S. That is not a picture of conversation with support.
In the help section under settings that information is available publicly to all players.

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It is not uncommon for Ludia to falsely advertise about the game. The perfect and biggest example being the Guild PvP Raids “coming soon”.

In fact they still falsely advertise it in game…

…the way that is written makes it seem like it’s already been implemented in game.

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I feel so dumb. Never noticed retsamerol backwards!


Coommon @Greenwave it’s not false advertisement. They just need to update the help section/make sure it’s accurate - or - the game to match the rules.

We do carry our guild banner when we fight against each other in event PvP battles & Test of Might.

We can’t put down Ludia we just need to be really clear w them.

I’ve been really interested in writing to Wizards of the Coast lately.

(I’d write about what I’d like to see in our D&D mobile game not the bugs)

It appears you are correct. I wasn’t thinking of it like that. It does say “Guild Event Types” not “Guild Raid Types”.

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Things are not always advertised correctly. For instance when are we getting the gem book I have seen more months now.

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Turns out I wasn’t wrong @jackrrabbit

It says you need keys to enter guild battle events. Ludia planned to have these and ended up postponing them. Yet they are still advertised as in game already.

@Greenwave Victory!!!

You deserve it man. I think support should answer us.

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I just want them to actually put the guild battle events in game as they had planned. There are many who enjoy PvP on this game. @Keith did reply on another post and said he made the team aware that we want Guild PvP Events. Hopefully we will see them soon. Then there would be no false advertising issue with Guild Battle Events at least.

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Here is my idea. Something we would enjoy until PvP Raids arrive. It would make a lot of people happy.

I don’t know if I will get in trouble for posting the link to another thread.

They, will be looking at our support and suggestions there too. Please contribute your opinion.

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That’s because there are no worthy opponents for you. :wink: