Arenas, I must not understand


Why am I fighting players that aren’t supposed to be in my arena level?


Because it isn’t based on the arena or the player’s levels. it is all to do with the rough number of trophies you and your opponent have.


Then can you tell me why there are arenas? I don’t understand how I am matched at times to players who have zero trophies and then other times to those who have hundreds more than I do. Oh, and those players with no trophies…their Dino’s are a lot stronger than mine. Just doesn’t make much sense.


It’s their two steps forward, ten steps back strategy.
Those zero trophy players are cheaters, still allowed in tournaments, still allowed to play.
They’ve either had bots running 24/7 playing the game for them and/or spoofing the location so they can go wherever they want without moving physically.
The developers seem to support this form of play.
Fabulous play when ten opponents in a row are either more than three hundred trophies above you with thinks that outclass yours, or a zero trophy player with ridiculous Dinos.


The zero trophy players are cheaters.
They still get to play.


Zero trophies is just a glitch. Next time you open the game it’ll show the right amount.


I thought they had their own thing now, when is that supposed to happen?