I notice that when you get a certain number of trophies there are different arenas so why is it when you lose it becomes unavailable until you reach the number of trophies again? like arena 2 you unlock at 500 trophies but if you happen to lose you lose the ability to fight in that arena again unless you unlock it again this makes no sense to me like if i already unlocked it why have to unlock it again? you also can’t do lvl 1 arena unless you lose this makes no sense like i should be able to choose which one to participate in,


It’s quite common in a lot of games to be fair - instead of thinking of it as something you’ve unlocked, think of it as a ranking system. Once you accumulate enough points, your rank increases and your battles will become more challenging as you get closer to the top ranks.

Also, from what i can tell - even at the last rank, you can still get the Dino’s from the lower ranks, so as you progress the number of Dino’s that become available within the Arena Incubators increases.