Argenteryx Bug

Tournament battle. I put out Argenteryx and he already had Skonna out. He used instant group distraction impact and I selected Fearless alert when I had all the flock left. I lost one bird and half of another but when I used Fearless Alert it didn’t regenerate health for flock creature. Instead it used the distraction part. I unfortunately don’t have a picture.

If you have all 3 flocks alive and you select the rally move and you lose a flock the same turn that flock doesn’t get regenerated.

For example, Compsognathus vs Velociraptor, Compsognathus goes for Alert Scurry and Velociraptor uses Pounce, after Velociraptor kills one of the Compys with pounce, the dead flock doesn’t regenerate, so instead of Compy doing impact damage and rally heal, it does rampage damage and doesn’t rally heal.