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Argenteryx players

Argenteryx is a fave creature for me. What level and boosts do you use for yours if you have them on your team?

I want this thing nerfed it’s to broken. I do not use mine on my team. It’s only level 11 and unboosted


Be aware Argenteryx is about to change come next Tuesday.

I know. I still love them. They’re cute.

Meh… Coelhaast aka lizardbird is more cuter than this immortal bird

i’m so confused why everyone hates this thing? I LOVE It, it hybrids two of my fav birds, (argentavis and archaeopteryx) cause i’m a big bird sucker and i love anything that is a bird. (i also been away from jwa for awhile, i don’t really play it much anymore)

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It’s because it’s overpowered for its rarity. IMO it’s cute with its derpy eyes and design, but it’s like Chucky. They seem innocent, till you realize that they just 3-0 you and they just won’t die. It has very little counters in the epic tier, one being Megalotops, which in itself is one of the best epics, and Ankylodicurus.


Well said!

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