Argenteryx should be banned from Epic (and lower) Tournament formats pending a rebalancing

Players should be refunded their Boosts for this creature and it should exit the tournament scene pending a rebalancing. This may be a balanced creature in the context of an unlocked roster, but it is not a balanced creature in the context of the Epic power budget.

This creatures is too strong and under no circumstances should Epic creatures be expected to perform against it. It ruins almost every Tournament.


It has counters. Pelta, amargocephalus, megaloT, and even kentro if it doesn’t crit


Megalotops enters the chat


Ankylodic is another option. Impact rampage impact


That method has actually help me counter teryx a lot of times, anyways it can also be countered by Diplodocus too

Mate saying smth should be banned is stupid if every time a new op creture came to the game it got banned it wouldnt be fun , also i use agentrxy u can simply bleed when it uses evasive then widdle it and just remove dodge, also the pandas way more op as it kills every flock so yea

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We have many counters for argy. The same counters for other flocks work against argy wich is dot, precise + shield or counter + shield. Also there are tournament rules so no reason to ban something completely

Tbh argent is really that ridiculous when the argent player has 2 rats behind it while the tank player has none. Meaning you can wilt out and kill the counter with a rat then you bring back the pidgeons to heal again while the tanks are dead because they cant do anything about argents on escape. You have draco for megalotops while argent seriously cannot be ratted or it heals half its hp back. The rng draw rules also dont help. Mirror matches are worst though

There is a reason when you enter the top 1000 argent is the only flock youll likely see while every other pick has to able to do something to the pidgeons. That on escape is still too much for epic tourneys when something like diplodocus beats argent based on mind games

Top 1000 players bc im preety surr tarbonathus and allorigure as used by top 500

Im talking about the tourney rankings. Im ranked 500ish and even megalotops can lose at times. Argent is that necessary for winning

Mate just bc everyone uses it doesn’t mean it should be banned cause then itd be smth else then it would start all over agsin

Im not saying ban it but something needs to be done when its the only flock worth using and is more often a game changer

But its not? It has umpteen counters, as has already been pointed out and ignored by you.

Diplod megalotops pelta ankydocirus and possibly sucho and thyla do beat/have a large/100% chance of winning h2h

Except smart people in the top ranks arent just gonna watch and let their pidgeons die and after tanking a few hits or even at the start will swap to either a rat or something to tank and kill argent’s counters

And argent’s counters tend to slow the birds down before the last hit. Therefore even if they anticipate the swap theyre gonna risk argent healing to half hp again or they sit there and watch 1 of their counters get taken care of for argent to have potential to get back later and heal

Ive had 1-2 matches where i pull argent and end up winning. Even diplodocus, an epic must have in legendary format hasnt done that yet. Megalotops comes close but a draco swap in the right moment can stop it. Pull argent on a situation where the opponent needs to swap and you can guarantee a win unless they pull their own birds


While flocks in general need more counters, I don’t think they should be nerfed. They wouldn’t be a major issue if other Cunning creatures were buffed to be on their level, and if the likes of Brachio, Ankylo, Kentro, Carbo, Sonora, Nodopato, Stegocera, Amargacephalus, etc were buffed as well.

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Diplodocus, Ankylodicurus, Antarctopelta, and Megalotops say hello
Anyway Argenteryx even dropped on the GamePress tier list since it’s not as good as it used to be


Argent sucks at legendary formats above. We are talking about an epic format with more rng with the forced inclusion of rares

Im barely clinging on the top 500. Earlier had my megalotops face an argent and got both our hp to less than 1/4. I was expecting what happens next and i was right that my megalotops would get ratted by a whino. I entered my diplodocus and by the end of the match if i havent got a lucky crit from my near dead diplodocus the person wouldve won w their argent

Im just gonna point out argent has 2 heals that it has lots of chances to spam since the only thing that can be faster than it is a setup megalotops or a setup argent/argent speedties which i guarantee will lose since not everyone is american or european

Thats the biggest counter imo

But acephalus? never thouhght that one

I think the strategy is: group impact vulnerability and then repeat the process until Argenteryx is defeated