Argenteryx vs Argenteryx

Let’s just say this. If I say what’s in my mind about the existence of this, I’ll get banned from this forum… Just… No Ludia… No…


can you give us a clean version of it then

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Both keep dodging and healing constantly. Can’t swap out or you’ll give the advantage to the opponent. Match is decided by crits or failed dodges, which takes a while… a GOOD while

Just been in one and it took over 10 minutes and it only ended because of what I said (and of course, I was the one who lost with fails and crits…)


ok do you have a discord and dm the full one please my name is drex #9996

I don’t. Dm the full what?

the full thing rant about the birds yea I hate them too

I only didn’t rant about it now because I’ve made a topic before

But it’s all useless… At this point it’s more than clear that they do this on purpose. They KNOW it’s OP… They EXPECT the rants… Like Heath Joker says, “It’s all part of the plan”… Just some new “toys” they give everyone to play with and spend money on, till the next toy appears and this one gets nerfed into oblivion…


How do you not have discord?

Actually I do, just don’t see the point of adding people just for this lol… But I don’t see how it would be a big deal if I didn’t. It ain’t that big in my country. Lots of people I know don’t have it… Even for the game, my old first alliance didn’t use it

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Yeah, got smacked today twice in the tournament by that bird despite bringing big tanks, I even included that Mammoth hybrid with crane that has group attacks and Sonosaurus that removes dodge
Still lost


if it overpower and you have then that good but if you have to fight it no good

Grypo v Grypo alllll over again, just a little bit less worse. usually, i just swap out when it has some dmg on it but still has all 3 so it doesn’t get its perk. Or just immediately swap out since it can only do a strike move

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I played an all flock team in PvP and they either do quite well or if I run into a Skoona, I get slaughtered, 1,2,3. At best, I solo’d a team with Argenteryx alone.

compy is beating this toury!

No its argenteryx, its definately OP for epic, heck it even more op than sarco before it got nerf, luckly epic sloth still counter it

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Argenteryx is so, so stupid… It’s what I keep saying, NO CREATURE should be immortal depending on opponents selected… I don’t care if you give them 80% armor. Just don’t give them freaking healing PLUS big armor, or healing PLUS three “flock lives” with dodges and distractions… If you don’t get a counter selected, it’s over before it starts! It’s unbelievable to me how this is allowed to happen


Healing moves feel like a major problem lately. Nearly all of the problematic dinos have the ability to heal far too quickly, and in too great an amount.


Flocks are really revolutionizing the battle experience. Soon no-one will battle anymore!