Argenteryx, why Ludia why?

It once taken out my whole team!!! This thing definitely needs nerf


It seems to be a bit overpowered for an epic hybrid, but it’s countered quite well with a good resilient. Get Ankylodicurus to team level and go counter those things


If i get it, trust me i will. I need one lvl more of two of its components

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Hey, would Bumpy be a good counter to it?

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I think so but it is not as good as others

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More of a raider i would say

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Nope, argenteryx will just keep rally and bumpy doesnt have enough damage to take out one flock in one hit


This guy really needs a nerf since I used an argenteryx lvl 11 unboosted in this tourney and it took out 3 lvl 20 legendaries and almost took out a lvl 16 trex solo,yes he did it by himself…
It really needs a nerf or a rework…
Pls listen to the players requests ludia… :blush:

It did what?!

Yes it did…

The epic sloth+nasudoceratops hybrid counters it quite well.

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No Nerf necessary. Just add more group moves.

Maybe you should counter it with what ever creature you got I don’t understand with they are so many nerf request just because someone didn’t use the right counter

Argenteryx needs slight nerf. Its just to good. Was best creature last weekend in legendary skill tournament. Argenteryx mirror matches are worst mirrors in the game. Even if one is on last creature battle lasts more than 5 minutes when all dodges work.

Need precise or resilient group moves for Argenteryx that has dodge always active. Also healing after down to two creatures need to be changed, like Coelhaast has it (after is down to last creature). Also can run and come back later. Megalotops counters it, but you dont draw it always.

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If a creature can takeout entire team, it needs nerf especially for an epic flock that has 2 Rampage, 2 cooldown of rally move and you could rally when you have 2 members, yes there are some counter, but it just so rare in their rarity.


An unboosted 22 Argenteryx took out my lv30 boosted Utasinoraptor whilst barely taking a scratch - yeah, it needs a nerf.

Or, other cunnings need to have some group damaging moves to even the score out a little. Cunnings vs cunnings should be equal footing, but this thing hit my Utasino harder than a lot of resilient dinos.

Let’s tone down ER to impact, and Delayed cunning rampage to distracting rampage?

There are a good number of group moves in tournaments and arena, the biggest issue is that all the flocks have some form of dodge or distraction.

Dude, the problem is that there aren’t enough counters and/or Argenteryx just dips T1 into a Woolly Rhino or something like it.

The fact that Argenteryx can single handedly sweep legendaries and epics is absolutely insane.

Like I said above, I think a lot of people are forgetting that most group attacks can’t bypass evasion and can’t cleanse distraction, which flocks have a lot of.

Argenteryx definitely needs a moveset rework as not only is its mirror matchup absolutely obnoxious, it can also 3-0 teams that are 4/5 levels higher