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Argue For or Against My Boost Allocations

Max? Tryko? Magna? Mono? Draco? Thyla? Thor?
Looking at each dino individually, are my boost allocations Health/Damage/Speed like yours? If not, why did you allocate boosts differently?
I gave speed to those who can’t be slowed (or 1 bump to help in a match against self).
Health to the healthy and bumped damage as I could.
Stego may not be on my team forever so only one bump.

Don’t invest to Thor, M.Rex is way better than it so it’s just a waste, same thing about DC since he doesn’t have priority anymore and resistance to rend exists it just got worse

I’m not good to giving advices about boosts so I can’t really help

I can only say which creatures are worse or not to use

Other than that it seems good but don’t spent too much on Monolometrodon, Monolorhino could be decent to replace DC

Going just by boost allocation and not by creature choice, I dont see any big “red flags”, just a few things I would tweak (this is personal opinion of course).

Max: Fine

Dracorat: I would swap most of the speed boosts into hp boost, his role is to kill something by swapping in then damaging the next dino. His regular speed already makes him quicker than most chompers/tanks and speedsters will still out-speed him even with speed boosts. With no hp boosts, they are also likely to one shot him. Would borrow/swap some hp boost from thor here.

Magna: needs to be quicker IMO, his value increases drastically if he can be faster than your opponent speedsters. I would borrow some speed boosts from thyla/draco here.

Mono: Fine

Stego: Fine

Thor: Mostly fine, would re-allocate some speed boosts from draco or thyla here to make sure he outspeeds maxes/tenonto/other thors/tanks, etc. At just 1 speed boost, this doesn’t give him priority over anything right now. Trade some of his hp boost down to compensate.

Thyla: mostly fine, at 14 speeds, he just seems way quicker than he should be. Remember that his job is to take downs the likes of tryko/max/dio/tanks, etc which are all very slow. He needs to survive though so more hp needed. Trade his speed boosts for some of thors hp.

Tryko: fine

Thats my personal take on it!

I would say allusion instead of thor, it has more speed more attack or more health

Or just wait till you unlock mortem

I disagree. I run magna at high depot (I would consider OP to be at this level considering the boosts of these dinos) and the speedster matchup doesn’t really matter. I would rather put hp and attack into it so it can put bigger dents into tanks. Tier 6 or 7 speed is enough to outspeed all tanks and chompers.

Against. You should only boost raid dinos and play arena unboosted

What about my creature choices would you argue?

@DaTank45 Touché

@Maks Thank you!

Boosting an arena team is a mistake. It only makes it more difficult to feel like you can change your team without penalty, and gives a small amount of extra dna at the end of the month from seasonal rewards. Trying to climb in arena by boosting = small pp

@Dankysaurus and @DaTank45 I understand and appreciate your perspectives.

To address the switch creatures limitation I reviewed top leaderboard players and selected Max, Tryko, Magna and Mono as roughly common Thyla and Draco have some presence, Thor less and Stego none.

I typically play only enough battles to earn the daily incubator. My goal is not climbing the arena ladder.

Boosts are part of the game. I’m trying to understand how to optimize my team.