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ARK Takes on Mortem Rex in 5 Turns

WIth the help of another ARK Team, taking down Mortem in 5 turns turned out to be quite the easy feat.

Thanks to team Enlightened Instinct for the boosted Tuora. Now we can speed up our assistance to our lower level players by going through raids much faster.Quicker raids means more raids can be done to help fellow DPGs. Fewer turns also means less chances of making a mistake and having to repeat it all over again. Looking for viable dinos that is widely available is the best way to share the strategy for the community in ARK. The moves/crits/dmg of Mortem are all predictable and the counter to it all are identified. Many teams now are able to provide support to folks that want some of that mortem DNA to unlock it in 20 weeks now if you’re starting and have the worst of luck. ARK has gained some visitors for assistance with raids with the help from the Raiders of ARK.


Why spend more than 5 minutes? Well done! ARK power!


yay, I’m your second sub

Have you considered the 40% crit chance on turn 4?

Probably if that was a crit, you would still take it down anyways, just curious

Brilliant - well done!!

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If the last mortem hit had been a crit max would be dead…


Well we know who will be getting Mortem before the rest of us! :scream:

Impressive but don’t do it too often they might make it harder :smile:

Excellent fight, this video was my first time seeing the raid done and it looks really neat, game has come a long way and I love the idea of group heals and attacks!

Well done!

I really love tryo + max strategy, that critt, that damage soo sweet

Tagging for later.