ARK100: One Year. One Hundred Alliances. One Thriving Kommunity. Thanks Ludia!

Allinace Resource Kommunity
We are celebrating the first anniversary of ARK One :partying_face::tada: and the milestone of the 100th alliance to join ARK, the Alliance Resource Kommunity of JWA.

ARK ONE Anniversary

We have been through many highs and lows together with growing pains, difficult decisions, and through it all, many victories. Many journies began through experiencing the first level 20 sanctuary using strategic, no-waste approach method, then later breaking records and building two level 20 sanctuaries simultaneously in less than five hours each. Truly a fantastic accomplishment.

Progressing as partners with you all is magnificent, and we will continue to venture to improve our strategies and pass these methods onto the community’s growing teams. Thank you for being the essential partners, friends, collaborators, and strategists, making our CoOp(s) a pleasure to experience. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Happy anniversary ARK One!:heart: We look forward to our CoOp teams’ continued evolution while making our alliance team members and friends stronger in this game we cherish.

100+ Alliances Share in Common Goals

Note: Talk to a strategist about building level 20 sanctuaries. Find us on the ARK Discord.

The community continues to grow, which is apparent through the progression made in the tournament leaderboard. Since November 2020, where bugs are no longer evident, the number of teams participating in ARK CoOp(s) has steadily increased in the Top100. Over 35 teams are consistently in the top 100 as of February 2021. CoOps help the teams grow by bringing and sharing strategy, such as the tournament composition, which guides players as they fuse/level their tournament dino teams. Strategy inherently builds a stronger core team of strategists that become proficient at JWA gameplay.

A review of the progression in tournament ranks for the teams collaborating within ARK over the last four tournament cycles.
ARK Tournament Standing Overview

The tournament composition breakdown demonstrates which rarity of dinosaurs are most commonly used by Ludia in tournaments based on the last 12 months of tournaments.

Analysis strategy example

ARK GEM :gem:

Without further ado, we are announcing: Galli, Erli, and Mono, lovingly called ARK GEM :gem: will mark the last chapter of our super CoOps until our next strategic challenge. ARK GEM has 8 remaining opportunities. The number of sanctuaries, from 1 to 3, is always optional. You dictate the level of strategy you and your team can handle. As you grow and progress, you pick up more sanctuaries and max out your team’s strategies.

Remember, ARK partners do not seek the best teams for collaboration. Instead, we rather build the best teams to collaborate within sanctuaries! If you want to participate in CoOp and build level 20 sanctuaries with other partners that share common goals, please review our readiness guide, then find us on Discord.

We look forward to meeting you and happy hunting fellow DPGs. To Ludia, please keep those Care Scent Bundles Sales coming! The Teams of ARK appreciate the biggest bargain always!

Players seeking alliances

Stop by our ARK Discord channel and talk to our alliance recruiters. With over 100 alliances to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect FIT.


I’m very proud to be part of this team! My alliance, Brazil, left position 200 for the top 100 in less than 1 year in the ark. Thank you for all the support and learning.


we’re all getting stronger

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Excellent team! Ever since I entered this alliance I’ve grown a lot in the game. Now I can play any raid with my fellow friends. Cheers!
And, from now on, let’s get even stronger! :muscle:

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I’d like to personally thank @ARK for the amazing community you have built.
Proud that JP are a part of it.


I joined ARK in January 2020. It completely changed our alliance for the better.

We became structured and organized. We hit 10/10 missions for the first time and since then we’ve yet to miss it since! We have been through the whole evolution and growth of ARK hitting each milestone of faster builds.

I joined ARK with a handful of teams that was less than 8, then 20, then it kept growing to where we are now, 100!

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with DinoL3o and GraeSkies. They’ve been great mentors to me and have helped me build my team of strong player once in went into my rebuilding phase or removing the silent players and ones who wouldn’t join discord etc.

As I said we are 10/10 and we maintain 3 level 20 sanctuaries with the option to have so many more at our disposal if needed due to the sanctuary bundles.

Our alliance has finished in 1st place of the Alliance Championship back to back now. We are currently fighting to hold 1st place this month. We are close to having 10 top 3 finishes consecutively. Our second team is in the top 20 for the first time and our 3rd is in the top 100 and growing stronger.

The knowledge and strategy at ARK is second to none. Our drama free community is full of like minded players who love the game as so many of us do. Come join and check us out.

Here’s my story I wrote over a year ago once I first joined.