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Armor option

Hi, Ludia.
Congratulations on the 1st anniversary.

If potions are not possible,
I suggest resilience with armor attachments.
ex. common 5% / rare 10% / epic 15% / legendary 20% (PvP Only)
so Total DMG taken =
(resilience) x (block) x (ATK/AC) x DMG (roughly)

How about this?

If you think the length of the battle is going to be longer, I think you can delay the Battle-fire by 1~2 rounds

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I think it would be smart if they just added an ascending block or regen, etc. to Legendary armor. So it isn’t such a booby prize when you get legendary armor. Something to separate it from the pack. Maybe block for the tanks, regen for the snipers, stealth or extra movement for the rogue and monk?


I hope so, too.
ex. potion of healing, heroism, invisibility, etc.

However, if it does, this game will require a whole balance adjustment. So I suggested resilience.

I agree, it is disappointing there is no advantage to maxing higher rarities of armor. However, it should be noted that this dilemma exists for each rarity above common. If Legendary is boosted to be better than Epic, logic dictates that Epic Armor should be better than Rare, which should be better than Common.

Unfortunately, with this developer it often seems logic is lacking while avarice is rampant. As such I anticipate it is far more likely we will see the implementation of a ‘special’ and more expensive armor similar to the Silverhand weapons instead of adjustments to the existing armor.

I know where your coming from. Legendary though at least , being the highest and “ supposedly” being the gold standard Uber level stuff would you’d think have some kind of bonus to it besides being shiny and bright :wink: Ah well. The game goes on :slight_smile: