Armor Piercing Impact becomes Rampage. what 's the difference

Armor Piercing Impact becomes Rampage. what 's the difference??

Slight increase in damage

Damage is affected by enemy’s armor.
Example: Dino with 800 atk damage vs Dino with 30% armor
APR = 800 atk
Rampage = 800-30%
Damage reduced

Rampage deals 2 times damage so will be 1600 -30%

so rampage means can’t go throw enemy’s thick skin?

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Exactly. So you can deal less damage

poor stegodeus…

You can still do more damage as rampage deals 2x damage but armour peircing impact deals 1.5x damage

Its actually a pretty significant nerf in some matchups… like tragod… rampage is gonna be alot less damage to him then apr did. Honestly I dont even know if thats a matchup stegod wins…

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It was apr not api

Doesn’t matter really who is going to use either one now? Well me I guess spent tooooooo many coins to change now :man_shrugging:

helps gigaspikasaur since it had api and now rampage

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They r making wounding n swap in abilities more relevant to the game

Edit: with Alanqa made available to the lower arena players, we will see more alankylosaurus in play after the patch. Time to take out I-Rex

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The question was whats the diffrence between api and rampage no apr and rampage

API deals 1.5x damage through armour. So a dino with 1000 damage for example deals 1500 damage through armour. If it had ramage, it deals 2000 without armour, but against stegod for example, it would only deal 1400 damage (30% armour). APR would deal 2000 damage of course.

Yh sorry got all my calculations wrong haha opps i look foolish

Oh ok are you talking about Stegodeus? Because that doesn’t have api it has apr which is why I mentioned it. In any case api is 1.5 damage through armour apr is 2x damage through armour and rampage is 2 x damage but not through armour. If you want to know about Stegodeus change from apr to damage it just removes the armour piercing aspect which against Dino’s like Tragodistis is quite a lot (although I suspect we won’t be seeing quite as much of him now).

Yh i just ment the genral api to rampage damahe ratio but yh i get that stegod has apr it served me well the last few weeks at nearly level 20 i think thats why he ain’t getting dropped from my team unless i level trago up even more

Situational. Hit anything on an armor thicker than 25%, rampage<api

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