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Armour at 50 percent = useless

Dinosaur armour at 50 percent is useless cuz, everyone know, the most of the players use dinosaurs which have attacks that destroy the armor.

Thoradolosaurus, Tenontorex, Tryostronix and many others…
The news Uniques dinosaurs are useless if u are against an opponents that have these dinosaurs…

Most people only have Thor out of those 3. Yes, it’s useless against a Thor but very useful against most others. Rinex, Dio (besides counter attack), Erlidominus, Stegodeus, Dilo, etc… will have a hard time chomping through it.


You’re forgetting all the things that CAN’T break armor which nemys absolutely walls out.


Yeah, and nobody is gonna try to have a team that carries a high leveled Carbonemys anyway. It’s only good for lower leveled teams, and for making the hybrids. Not that many dinos in the rare tier break through armor, so it’s only good for the lower arenas.

Not useless. For example my usual starter is Stegodeus which has shield and I use it against Erlidominus. They can’t Cloak and Rampage for the kill so they usually start with Rampage. Then the Strike and Run is ineffective and I have still have the shield up for Draco Rat and get speed advantage with Thagomizer.

Shield also works against most tanks. Worst case I don’t use it.

teeth or not, it still is quicker and has a pounce

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