Art Challenge: Mortem rex x Anky Lux Hybrid?

The design potential for a Mortem rex x Ankylos Lux is insane, an apex rarity super heavily armoured, spiky rex like Tryko but dialled up to 11… Obviously not saying that we should have a rarity above apex, but it’s fun to imagine, anyone mind drawing it? @Snake_Dude @GermanRaptor? :t_rex: :t_rex:


Meet my creation

you’re supposed to draw it


Here it is! I call it the Ankylortem Rex


Oooh I didn’t see this, I’m up for the challenge

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I only realized that you wanted it to look like tryko halfway so I made it a quadruped (I’m going to make a biped version after)


Here’s the bipedal version I promised.
Also I decided to make it so one of its hands is missing and it has a broken dorsal plate due to a battle it did long ago.
Also here’s a comparison side by side.

I’m trying way too hard to add more details


looking good @TheAngrySuchomimus :+1:

“I’ve been summoned”
and now must fulfill this hyper-tryko hybrid request lol


Here she is, the apex hyper tryko
If i had a nickel for every time I’ve made an apex drawing hybrid for @UnicornWizard between mortem and another apex I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird it happened twice. Speaking of which, that other mortem+refre design is my most liked post here on the forums and it is quite perplexing as to why that one, I must admit
Coming up with color patterns were definitely hard, and hope both apex’s features came through while not being an apparent tryko, even tried to give it the bumpy horns with asymmetry

I think my only nitpick with it is her being a tad too skinny, not sure I gave justice to the bulk of both creatures


Challenge accepted :smiley:
But it‘ll take a short while for me, I‘m very busy studying atm
And I wanna get it good so I‘ll take my time ^^


your morty x ref design was straight fire, no surprise as to why it has a ton of likes haha… gotta say tho, I think u mighta one-upped yourself with this one, hyper tryko looks like an absolute brute :t_rex:

beautiful work as always @Snake_Dude, thanks for taking the time to take part in the challenge :pray:

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looking forward to it :pray:, and no worries at all, good luck with your studies

My drawing skills went MAD!


I might color it later

12am time to sketch


Never stop amazing me!!

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Serious Gamera vibes

I was thinking the same :laughing: just need to put some rocket boosters on it

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You also just need the giant lower jaw canines lol

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