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I think it would be nice if we have a carboniferus /devonian creature in the game


Nah Arthropleura can only be a unique epic

Why, though?

Because creatures with unique animations were previously only epics. But we could get a rare Arthropleura gen 2

Just because there’s a new creature in a patch note, does not mean that it should be epic

I think the game needs different creatures from devonian and Carboniferous period…I already told once in my post…
We have enough permian creatures in the game with same distraction ability and animation… there’s nothing new in the creatures ability…

I would like if Arthropleura got it’s own unique move but it doesn’t have to have one

Creature like above one…
Or like this…

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I mean that creatures that get a unique animation will be epics and Arthropleura will probably have a unique animation

Yes, but it doesn’t have to. Just like with Oviraptor, and Eremotherium

Eremotherium and oviraptor have many relatives that will be added in the future. However Arthropleura is the only large centipede so he can only be expanded with an gen 2

True but u gotta consider the actual size diffrence between the OG 2 gorgonopsids, also isn’t euphorebia or idk what it’s called like a whole meter long?

Edit: it’s called euphoberia, and the size estemates range from 10cm to 1m, so even at the largest still twice as small as the one and almighty arthro, but this does not mean that it couldn’t get added as a rare or hell even a common(i personaly would like if it was an epic tho), i actualy realy hate when people legitemenly start arguing about what rarity a creature should be, exept if somone just makes a non superhybrid uniqe for some reason or something

That’s Still too small for giant centipedes