[Article] An analysis of why Alliances are the biggest success of JWA

Hello there! I know what you were expecting when you clicked on this topic—a GamePress article, isn’t it? I’m sorry to have disappointed all of you, but I will try my best to write an article that reaches GP standards(I hope).

Introduction of Alliances

In case anyone needs a reminder on what Alliances are, alliances are a feature implemented in the early days of JWA, where a group of 50 players can work together to achieve certain goals such as weekly alliance missions and championships. In an alliance, one could earn coins and DNA by donating to DNA requests and requesting DNA respectively. Another perk of alliances is that you can have Shared Sanctuaries within the alliance, which every alliance member has access to.

Why alliances are JWA’s biggest success

Honestly, I have thoughts about quitting several times, but I did not, and that was because of my alliance. I did not wish to leave them. But why? I think it’s due to these reasons stated below.

1. Alliances consists of real people

I think this is the biggest reason why Alliances are able to retain the majority of the playerbase from just deleting the app. Alliances are made of 50 real players, with similar ideals. They are the ones who share the same troubles and frustrations as you. Matchmaking. Speed ties. Certain OP creatures. They experience this too. It makes you relate with them. Whenever you receive a full donation, surely you must have the thought of thanking your alliance mates. Furthermore, if your alliance has a Discord group, it makes the relatable part even better. In my alliance we have casual conversations with one another all the time, sharing pictures of our pets or complaining about the neighbour’s kid(just a joke, don’t take offence). It creates a bond between you and your alliance mates, and it makes it hard for you to leave. Not saying that this was maliciously created by Ludia as a trap to keep the players sucked in this whirlpool of misery. But I cannot deny that alliances were a brilliant idea. Having a group of like-minded people work together towards a certain goal really creates camaraderie between those people, and it makes it difficult to leave the game, or perhaps, leaving those wonderful people behind.

2. Alliances feel like they are the only thing real in this game

In this virtual game, almost nothing seems real. Your hard earned dinos? Virtual. Your season high score? Virtual, meaningless in the real world. One thing that feels real, and might have an actual meaning in the real world is the bonds you create between you and your alliance mates. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never left a single alliance Discord group, even though I have left the alliance in game. It feels nice to remain in contact with those people you spent months and even years with. Alliance mates are the few ‘real’ things to help you and support you throughout your game journey. Those bonds feel real to me, and probably to my alliance mates too. This real bond is what makes it hard to leave.

3. Alliances allow us to achieve higher

Another thing that alliances offer is friendly competition. Have you ever seen someone show their high score in a tourney and go like ‘hey, I wanna reach that high score and beyond’? I have, and that’s how I feel whenever it comes to tourneys, even though I’m absolutely tired of them. Tired of Rhinos, Dracorex-rats, speed ties, 5% crits etc. But they were the reason why I pushed on for tourneys, not just for the rewards, but as a friendly competition too. Think about it like Dominos. All of us are all heading for the same direction, but we push one another towards the endgame goal together as a team.

4. Alliances encourages community teamwork

One of the features of Alliances are Shared Sanctuaries. And one of the most sought after things out there in JWA is none other than the fabled Level 20 Sanctuary. However, this is not achievable without the help of other alliances. This prompted the community to create CoOps to work together as a collective group in order to achieve level 20 sanctuaries. One of the most well known CoOps are @ARK, and having worked with them myself for a brief period, I really learnt a lot more about teamwork and cooperation. The way everything is organised and communicated simply impressed me. Of course, maintaining such work is no easy job. Shoutout to the ARK leaders like @Phil! Thank you for your hard work! Without alliances, I don’t think such amazing work could ever happen.*

Why alliances are JWA’s biggest success

As I have mentioned above, alliances are a great feature to retain players based on their emotional detachment with their alliance mates, and is one of the few things that people aren’t tired of. Raids? Huge success at the start, but now people are just tired of them. Stat Boosts? Emotes? The arena? Yeah… we don’t need to talk about those. I think Ludia acknowledges the success of alliances too, adding new features to alliances like Championships. Let’s hope alliances will be continually updated and improved on!

*This message is NOT sponsored by ARK or any of the leaders. Just sharing my own experience and thoughts.

Thank you for your time, dear readers. Always feel free to comment down any disagreements or other points you would like to add.


Hey nice read and I appreciate the mention and shout out to ARK! We work hard to help as many players as we can so they can enjoy the game and reap the best rewards the quickest and most strategic way. We’ve also build a great community of players that share things you’ve mentioned from strategies, raids, leadership help, alliance mission growth, off topics chats and more. ARK helped me go from nothing to a very competitive team and successful. Thanks again!

Also I cannot disagree at all. You’ve made many valid points in your article. I’ve had times when I’ve wanted to stop playing and it’s just been stressful or not fun. Maybe not agreeing with things added like boost or too many “non-dinosaurs” or other things.

Having an alliance of real teammates international connection to these people and creating bonds and great friendships has definitely been one of the best if not the best part of this game. It has kept myself as well as many people I know from just quitting. Some that do quit the game still stay in contact too.

I agree that alliances have been the best addition to the game. There are some things that could be made better. Especially on the end for leaders to help monitor activity. Overall though it’s a work in progress and with so many active parts of the game it’s hard to just focus on one thing for updates or bug fixes.

Alliances have made the game more than a game and have given us opportunity to make real friends around the world with people of all kinds with one common interest, darting dinosaurs :muscle::sunglasses:.

Along with the in game chat, i suggest everyone to have a 3rd party way of communication to really experience the best parts of the friendships and getting to know your teammates.

Anyone looking for a new alliance, information, raids, friendships, or building co op sanctuaries you may come reach out to us on ARK.


My Alliance is awesome! Shout out to TrykOrTreat! :sunglasses:

I do miss some of the guys of my old alliance as well. But with no discord it wasn’t possible to keep contact. Still raid with them now and again but that’s it.

Shout out to anyone from FutureWorld :sunglasses:


Nice article, and fully agree with everything you’ve said. Our alliance feels like family (complete with dodgy uncles and other dysfunctional relatives :wink:) and is definitely what keeps me in the game!


Alliances really are the glue that keep a lot of people together. We’ve had Zoom meetings on Sundays, some of our alliance have gotten a hotel and spent a weekend at Jekyll Island, we’ve had others hold a BBQ in Texas. When tragedy has stricken one of our members we all chipped in to help them.
We’ve even had the “What do we do if JWA fails?” talk.

We’ve went from alliance mates to friends.
No matter what happens to JWA, reddit2 will live on.


@User0150 … i know its an Awesome Alliance :sunglasses: …made great by the people who are part of it and the community we have all created. An Alliance is only as good as the members who are part of it, and having something like Discord makes the playing experience a whole lot better. Without co-ordination people wouldn’t achieve what they want to within the game. Everyone has different goals, and so does each Alliance - whether you are a hardcore player or more of a casual player. People come and go, but in the end people will find the right Alliance for them.


I feel how it feels. I’ve been looking for people from my first ever alliance(Destruction Dinos) but I’ve been unsuccessful so far. I hope I’ll be able to contact them again someday


Great article and def lives up to GP standards! I agree the people I have met along the way with this game is what keeps me going. I have made true friends and couldn’t ask for a better alliance and people to be there to get through the hard times and celebrate the good times.


Well dang, sorry my guys (THE KINGDOM TWD) tend to mess up lol

I completely agree with your article and am convinced alliances were introduced for that specific purpose: to keep you ingame.

Also they weren’t introduced in the early days but about a little over a year ago when most top players were about done also (like now)

I love the response here from someone describing their alliance as a family including the weird uncle and dysfunctional relatives. Depending on which Alliance, we usually welcome our new members somewhat like this:

If they’re not scared off right away they’ll be in for the long run :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alliances are undoubtedly the glue that holds everything together for so many of us.

In the early days before alliances it was very much a game that had a limited appeal, and you could go a few days without logging in and it didn’t matter. I bet many players did so, and didn’t bother playing again.

I’ve been in a few alliances since they started as I have 3 accounts, and being retired, the time I’ve spent chatting with alliance mates has been a major part of what’s kept me sane over a very difficult 2020.

I’d like to thank LittleFoots for having me and my wife when we needed somewhere to roost sometime ago, and everyone in her server. It’s a fantastic place to be and also my alliance friends for making the game what it is for us.


After seeing this, Ludia makes bot alliances where it seems like your in an actual alliance

Please don’t jinx us.

If Ludia can’t even fix bugs properly they definitely can’t create sophisticated AI lol