Hello! Im new to this forum, so excuse me if ive done anything wrong. Ive seen many people create their own hybrids and have someone here draw it for them, and i would like to try this as well. If anyone hear wants to help, i would appreciate this and i will do anything in return.

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I know there’s a few threads that say that you can submit a request to the poster and they will draw it in time. Maybe try to look around for those?

I’ll try to find some, thanks :blush:

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I’m not a artist

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Photos is kind off considered art? I is still like your work, and think peoples need to see

@DinoMaster3000 @Grym_REDACTED @Snake_Dude is all artists too.

I use JWA toolbox


Hey I can draw something if u want a request

Thanks, ill see if i can request.

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Also congrats on your first 100 views!

Thank you very much :relaxed:

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You might see me on JWA artwork, so look out for me there!

I could also draw something if you wish me to

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Yeah I usually don’t color mine but idlepheonix is really good at drawing!

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Why was I summoned here?

Oh hybrid help? Well, I am somewhat of an expert on decent to great hybrids, so if anything is needed I will be happy to be of assistance.

So, what do you need help with to be exact?