As a scientist something bothers me about the DNA collection

For scientific research reasons, I have extracted DNA and RNA from a variety of creatures.
That being said:
I love the theories behind the Jurassic Park movies and the concepts of DNA extraction and dinosaur creation.
I really like the ideas of the drones somehow shooting darts at the dinosaurs and somehow collecting DNA from it. I understand how the game is fun and it has various hybrid ladders that you need to fill out to get better, and how rarity plays a part in interaction and the slow build.

I also understand I have to suspend some disbelief to enjoy the concepts.

I still find myself asking. “How exactly does that DNA collection work?”
Normally you use a tissue or fluid sample and extract DNA from an animal sample through a multi-step process. It involves lysising the sample, binding the DNA from the sample, washing and purifying the DNA, and eluting it.
Later the DNA is stored, preferably at a cold temperature. In many cases, you would amplify the DNA later with PCR.

So how does this darting work?

“Do the darts hit the animal, fall off, and have GPS tracking which allows the darts to be picked up quickly later?”
Assuming that is the case, what are these darts made out of?
Do they have a syringe impact system with special penetrating core needles that collect fluid, bone, and or tissue through a form of biopsy?
When and where is the DNA extracted and purified?
Also certain body parts and fluids tend to be very easy to get DNA from and some are very troublesome to extract DNA from. In particular, the skull and tail would be very hard spots to collect DNA from, due to bone density, and how hard it is to extract DNA from bone. When bone is involved it requires some grinding of the sample down into powder so something can be extracted, usually with low results.

All this leads me to ask," why does the game have me aiming for the skull and tail, when the body shots would give the best DNA extraction results?"


Darting the dinosaur extracts its genetic code, transporting the info to the main center, where they combine dna from fossils and amber, and fill in the right dna types

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It’s a game. Don’t worry about it.


DNA self replicates so we should only need 1 sample… Also if I have a Trex to send into battle why couldnt I simply get DNA from it? Suspension of disbelief is prevalent in all entertainment, sometimes you just have to ignore what you know and have fun with it

because computers:


With future technology anything is possible :3

We are darting prehistoric animals created through a fictional process where genes of frogs were used to fill in the gaps in their genetic code and we are fusing those to create hybrid creatures that never even existed… I respect your inquiry, but I think the way we collect DNA is the least strange thing here :laughing:

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Dino hide would prob also be too thick for conventional needles to pierce! I imagine a drill shaped round that bores into the soft tissue of the Dino, programmed to bore to non lethal depth, while collecting sample before using micro thrusters to eject out of the dino. We then send Owen out to go gather the darts and he brings them to hq where we add the DNA to female frog DNA and then life finds a way

its like a diabetic tester. all it needs is a prick. now the higher level you are the bigger the prick*. they also have an electro magnet on them that when activated attach to a compartment on the bottom of the drone. getting direct hits ensures the most dna because studies have taught us that these areas on these particular dinos are sort of the vulnerable spots. whether thats between a scute or in a more fatty part of the back, tail or head… this type of technology is far beyond your expertise. no offense, im sure you are a great scientist.

Haha being in a science field, I can totally understand your frustration.

It’s a lot like watching a scary movie tho …

You know no sane person would go into that creepy unlit basement that has drops of blood on each step … but sure enough, some dim witted character always does.

We just gotta separate logic from some things so we can enjoy the game… or movie :sweat_smile:

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I don’t like the magnet idea! Just cause I love the idea of punishing Owen for yelling at me that we travelling too fast every 5 min by dropping him off to collect the darts and then leaving him stranded to track back to base lol

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