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As for Update 1.6


Any news? Hints? Possible timeframe we can expect news of any new upcoming content? I’m sure many players are curious what’s in the works

Also, a banwave on cheaters would be appreciated, too :+1:t3:


Ludia’s automated response: “Working on it. Please make sure you are properly connected to the internet”.


Would be very handy… :smiley:
2 months ago, we had a twitter posts about 1.5 having alliances. (nov 9, 2018)
1 week later, we had the 1.5 release notes. (nov 16, 2018)
4 days later. 1.5 released (nov 20, 2018)


Quite honestly. I think this new event until the 4th of February will run its course before a new patch is announced.


I’ll be patient waiting for my tourney reward but I’m also eager for news when it becomes available

(If resources are limited, Give me my reward first😅)


This is my best guess as well this event will be running until the patch… and while i would love to know what to expect… i expect ludia will remain silent till the week before the patch.

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2 months cooldown time for a moment of excitement. Ain’t mad anymore, but rather sad.


Heck, I’d be fine with any patch being held off if it meant that Ludia was focused on sweeping out the cheaters. But some information would be nice :blush:


I hate to say it, but I think we’ve all been around here long enough to know that they’re not going to tell us anything until the release notes come out…

My guess is in about 2 weeks.

(oh, and I think they’ve done all they’re going to do about cheaters - which is to just move them to a different server and continue to take their money).


Unfortunately they’re not even moving them to another sever now. “Do nothing” is their new strategy now




I think there will be at least 2 more weeks before 1.6. Ludia usually releases updates every 3 months-ish. Also we haven’t gotten any update notes so don’t expect it too soon.


They release them every 2 months, not 3.
If they are are going to release it this month the announcement shouldnt be too far.


I guess they run this coin event because they haven’t done the update. So we have to wait pretty long time for it

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The obsession some people have about aspects of a “game” is bordering on the need for medication. We need an emoji that has a huge eye roll.


Ppl just get bored, need something new, that’s all …


Honestly at this point i would prefer smaller but more constant updates, even if its just 2-3 creatures and something more for each update.
It would keep the meta fresh and people would be less bored.


Forget new creatures. I’d take more consistent patches fixing bugs and glitches more regularly.


Yeah they dont have to add creatures every patch… making some dinosaurs more relevant would also make the game feel fresh. But bug fixes need to have some sort of priority.