As the tournament is coming to an end.... what are your goals?

In these final days, it can be hard to decide what to do… stop battling to prevent losing trophies, try hard to reach a certain number for the awards, aim for the leaderboard (or not)? I found the following Metahub article helpful:

As for me, I’m at 4,501 trophies right now, enough for the second tier of awards… but IMO that’s not much better than the basic award you get for 4,250 trophies… and neither is the third one starting at 4,750 trophies. The only achievement that would have meaning for me is reaching the leaderboard.

According to this article, I have a chance and could go for it… but RL interferes since I have to work this weekend. But I do have some time and will certainly give it a try! :smiley:

So what is your goal… what do you hope to achieve, do you think you will reach it? Will you sit it out or keep battling?

I wish all of you the best of luck and that you reach your goal! Have fun, but if you don’t - take a break and remember it’s only a game!

My goal is to pray that Blue gets lit again and goes on another rampage around the Ludia offices, but that this time I get free :poop: too :crossed_fingers:


My immediate goal is not to get another opponent like this one in mid-arena 8… if I do I’ll be back in the swamp in no time :roll_eyes:


That looks like someone I battled before, I won but it was not fun.


When I battle, I just mash the buttons that look the coolest! My goal it to mash the right buttons at the right times. Oh and to keep getting incubators. The rest is just bonus stuff!


My Goals aren’t really about battling and/or LB related since I’m not really a battler.

My Goals however are to get Pryitator (not sure how to spell it) and to eventually get the unique Dimetrodon who’s name I can’t spell lol.


My goal is to maintain where i am & start preparing for Season 3. And keep praying that Ludia wont give Brachisaurus as prize anymore. Also it would be great if Ludia can invent special DNA that is just for tournament trophies only, and cannot get anywhere else

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I’d just like to squeak back into the Top 100. Finished 93rd first tourney, it’d be nice to do it again. I’m 120ish right now.

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@Ardens: Ohh… I see you were just 1 rank above me at end of tournament 1 :smile:


Staying where I’m at, 4502. I was up to 4506 and thought about doing some more battles to move up, but then started losing like crazy! Dropped all the way down BELOW 4200. Just brought myself back up today, and that’s good enough for me. Going to focus on raptor hunting so I can finally create indoraptor!

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Eyyyyyy. Rank-neighbors :facepunch:t2::smile::ok_hand:t2:

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I am sat at 4248 trophies and I want to cry…my goal is to just win 1 battle…


I have been yo-yo-ing between 4000 and 4250 this last week and have lost count of the number of times I have been one battle away from breaking into the lower prize bracket. If I do do it I am stopping (already have a 12 hour incubator on standby) as I really need the coin from the epic incubator.


You will, there’s plenty of time!

For me the difference is below 100th place, or above 100th place - but the coins and cash are the same so I don’t really care. There is a 500 epic dna difference, but considering the odds of getting something useful are pretty low, that’s not much incentive to try and stay below 100.

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Stayed up late last night and just stayed static around 4175 - good battles though - does everyone now have a Monomimus?!? 3 back to back hard fought victories this morning and …

… and breathe, the battles done and I kind of won :smile:

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Too used to battling at lunchtimes - nearly started a battle by mistake :rofl: 2h 27m to go …

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Replenish my incubators again xd

Count down until it’s over with no last minute surprises…

Hopefully not have to deal with another tournament for a little while…

Make it up to Lockwood (a change of scenery would be nice)

Not quite! :sleepy: Got it to 60/200 but need more Mono dna!

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