As the tournament is coming to an end


… on Sept 17 at 10:00 EDT, where are you now and what are your plans?

As for me, I was at about 4,250+ trophies before the reset. I made it as far as 4,300+ during the tournament and reached rank 348 on the leaderboard… on Sept 1. Since then, it has become extremely competitive and I sadly never made it back (although I’ve come close).

Today I got kicked out of Arena 8 and it took some time to get back in… it’s extremely competitive in upper Arena 7/lower Arena 8. That’s understandable because the difference in rewards between Arena 7 (nothing) and 8 (epic incubator, Blue DNA) is huge.

So I finally made it back to Arena 8 and don’t see the point in risking losing it all. The leaderboard is > 400 trophies higher, basically out of reach. So I think I’ll just stop right here and take a break from competitive battling… you don’t get more for 4,411 trophies than you do for 4,011 after all.

So where are you now and what is your goal?

Regardless, good luck to all if you - hope you make it to Arena 8 and maybe even the leaderboard!


At rank 300… and not competing anymore
Met a few spoofers/ non ranked so staying put…


Finally! It’s been such a mind numbing couple of weeks since this thing started (don’t get me wrong, I like the idea and it makes sense the first tournament was a bit of a mess, I look forward to more, better executed ones down the road).

I was 44XX pre-tournament.
Wavered between 41-42XX for most of the tournament and have faced some pretty competitive teams the past couple days.
There’s a really strong indoraptor wall around 4200 that I haven’t been able to cross.

I’m in the low 4000s right now and don’t really feel like taking any unnecessary risks so I’m just gunna stay put until this is over. It is nice taking a break from competitive battling for a little while.

It’s kinda Like you said, 4001will get the same reward as 45XX so Let’s just see how things go :man_shrugging:t4:

I am really stoked about the migration and the updates coming up tho, need some fresh faces to make some stronger (super)hybrids!


in the 220s. not fighting anymore unless i get close to out of top 250. that seems to be the most important place to be as the prize difference from 11-250 is just 1000 useless blue DNA.


Maybe it won’t be so useless? The thought occurred to me that maybe Blue will have an important role in the new meta? I’ll take my 500, thank you!


Bouncing around from 90-110ish.
Only battling when I need to get back in. I don’t really care about the extra DNA… I just wanna finish Top 100 =]


Similar story. Was mid 4300 before reset, made it back to 4200 and… tanked down to Arena 7 this weekend. Indoraptor after Indorapter (still grinding for mine). Fought my way back to edge over 4k and I’m staying put.


Battles in range from Top 250 to Top 500 are intense now. Every win or lose moves u ~80 positions. If u don’t battle u lose ~10 positions per hour. :joy:


I just cannot seem to stay above 3400. It’s crazy; I’m fighting people with WAY higher stuff than me and it’s just demoralizing. No incubator for me. Glad I focused on Blue DNA for all 6 tries today because knowing that I’m nowhere close to getting 500 for her stings a fair bit.

Here’s hoping future tournaments aren’t so brutal to the majority of players.

I don’t mind working for a reward but I feel the lowest bar was a smidge too high.

Oh well! It is what it is. Gratz to those who managed to break the 4K trophy mark!


Was up to 4342 at one stage when rank 500 was at 4356. Battled (and lost) a few so back to 42XX. Decided to stay put. Just battling for incubators now.


I’m just over 3900. I don’t think I’ll be able to hit 4k before the tournament ends – I’ve been stuck around 3700-3900 for a while and probably will be until I improve my team a bit more – but the fact that I’m so close to the cutoff makes me feel optimistic about future tournaments. I’m close to unlocking a few new dinos that will really help me.


Like rank 80 rn and havnt done arena since yesterday. Im just takin a break till its over unless i get knocked outta top 100 but eh


I was 4280 before the reset and I made it as high as 4140 about a week and a half ago!

Found for a while I was able to hover between 4050 and 4100 with win a few lose a few! This made me nervous since I kept getting close to the border so I decided to quit 2 days before the end and I knew I was due a 24 hour incubator as soon as I got it I worked towards the 3 8 I wanted! I had 2 and all of a sudden RNG knocked me back to 3750!

That was devastating as I hadn’t been this low in weeks! I made the decision then if I got back to Ruins I would quit! It took almost 24 hours of fighting straight but I landed at 4012 4 day to go!

I haven’t fought since!


I was ranked first few days. Soon out of it. Got to 4000 and currently 4236.

Future plans take out 3 best dino’s. Drop down trophies. Learn update 1.4 with interesting dino’s.


Update… I decided to play today after all, so far staying in Arena 8, 'cause I like speeding up incubators and don’t like to miss out on a 12 or 24 hr (epic) incubator!

GL to everyone, have fun, and remember, there’ll aways be another tournament :laughing:

Update Monday 1 a.m. EDT: Ending it at 4,267 trophies (~ 200 below the leaderboard) after getting a 12 hour incubator. That’s it for me, gotta work today.

Congrats to everyone who made it to Arena 8 and especially the leaderboard… you’re among the top 500 in the world, very impressive!

If you didn’t quite make it, keep trying… you will next time!


Opened my 24hr at 10:00 AM EDT.
So I could just abandon more battle, and sit there until the tournament ended.:joy:

Yeah, seems very close to top 50. But after struggled for several days, I noticed that’s impossible.
Sometimes might even drop out from top 100 due to some bad RNG.


what’s that weird dot on the top left of your screenshot?


Don’t want to say that so many times.
It’s an ES Files Explorer quick launch button.:sweat:

Never even think of being a spoofer.


So everything is tightening up. Not any chance of getting any price so this was a blast …

Just been getting some coins and inc to have something to do. Rught now, allthough this far into the tournament, I got a really fair matching LOL. Did I win, well almost… he was afk.




They aren’t even past 4k.