Ascended too quickly in arenas to get exclusive DNA


So I’m here to ask you all for advice. I would have liked the opportunity to get the Stygimoloch in Arena 3 S.S. Arcadia, BUT IT WAS NOT AVAILABLE WHEN I WAS IN ARENA 3! IT WAS ADDED TO ARENA 3 AFTER I had already been promoted above that arena. I got promoted so quickly through the arenas that I didn’t have much time to get any DNA from the arena exclusive dinosaurs. This is really bothering me, mostly regarding the Stygimoloch, and I’ve thought about intentionally losing a bunch of matches to get back to that arena but I don’t know if it would affect the dinosaurs I’m being offered in the wild. I’m actually after the Paramoloch (Legendary), but have to be able to get the Stygimoloch first.

As my player level went higher, my arena level went higher and I was offered higher and higher quality rarity dinosaurs in the wild, so I’m not sure if that is because of player level only, player level and arena level, or arena level only. I don’t know if I have anything to lose by purposely demoting myself. I’m currently in Arena 7 Sorna Marshes. I realize that you CAN still sometimes get DNA from arena exclusive dinosaurs from incubators because I get Irritator Gen 2 DNA sometimes, but it’s a common, and I’ve never once received DNA from Stygimoloch.even though I buy incubators as well as winning them.

What do you all think, do I have anything to lose from intentionally demoting myself and do you think it will take a ridiculous amount of time to demote to that level from where I’m at?


Stygimoloch isn’t worth it and you can still get him from your current Arena. Just be patient/lucky to get a 24h one.


It’s not actually the Stygimoloch that I’m after, it’s the hybrid Paramoloch (Legendary) which I’m after, but I have to be able to get DNA from Stygimoloch to get it. I have paid for incubators and consistently speed up incubators to get through more incubators and still have never received any DNA from a Stygimoloch. It’s very disappointing since IT WAS NOT AVAILABLE WHEN I WAS IN ARENA 3! IT WAS ADDED TO ARENA 3 AFTER I had already been promoted above that arena. I forgot to put that in my initial post.



Each 8h incubator give a guaranteed amount of an exclusive epic dino (that is a dino that doesn’t spawn in the wild). Stygimoloch was the only exclusive epic dino until 1.4, so you are guaranteed to receive her dna in every 8h incub (there is also her face on the 8h incubator details).

If you still won’t receive that Stygi dna, email Ludia with your support key so that they can have a look at your situation.

To know everything about how battle arena incubators work, just check these threads:

I am waiting to the new meta to be defined, then I will probably drop down some arena for Rajasauro’s dna, if these will be in the lower arena like it is now.