Ask about offers

Until recently I had bought the offers offered by Ludia when someone changed levels that were over 25 euros, although in the latter with a price of 54.99 euros, more then double the price, quite angry, I decided that this price was already excessive and, for not wanting falling into gambling, I decided to reject it.

My question is regarding the “X4 value” tag. What does it mean is X4 or X2?

The offer that they presented to me put “X4” and it offered 263105 coins, 7000 notes and 6598 DNA of which 578 rare and 344 epic.

The next day, Ludia offered me the possibility of buying for the same price of 54, 99 a Helloween pack “X2” that offered excruciatingly the same amount of bills, coins and DNA.

X2 and X4 is the same? How is it interpreted?

I see the discrepency there. It’s probably all 2x really. What you’re doing is paying for cash in game (the 7000) and getting free coins and incubator on top of it. It’s worth it for sure (in terms of this game anyway). Those offers they had a few days ago were level up offers and i was happy to see them since i’m level 20 already.

In my case I did not want such an expensive offer. So far I had paid less than 25 euros in the evolutions from 13 to 14 and from 14 to 15 and I thought it was excessive that it doubled in the step from 15 to 16. I only want the money to buy coins and, eventually, for a whim such as the helloween capsules but not to buy incubators in bulk.

When you get to 20 like me, you will miss those deals. It’s a pain in the butt to get coins when everything is 20+ trying to level. I’m so happy they had that offer. It will keep me going on coins for awhile now.

I invested the bills of the two previous offers in coins and I still keep around 300,000 available currencies at the rate of an evolution every 3 or 4 days. I hope to continue like that although I know it will be difficult from now on. When I can no longer evolve due to a lack of coins, I must decide whether to buy offers or leave the game. That decision I had to make when a couple of months ago I had all the equipment pending to evolve after the hard work of getting the DNA and at that time I decided to buy although I was left alone because all the friends that had to play decided to leave the game. It is also true that now there is more possibility of getting coins with treasures, events, etc.