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Orloch did such a good job in answering this. That I’d like to turn this thread into an Orloch Game Support Thread:

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@Orloch I was about to level up Tommas to 14 when I noticed the difference between levels is not much more than one level of one item of gear. See attached.

In DnD I get feats, abilities, and spell slots.
Here it seems Leveling Up is giving me a bling gold chain that has the number 14…

Is it worth it to take the level?
Should I hold back?


notice +93 hitpoints


similar stats between gear items

@jackrrabbit, I will post my thoughts with reference to your fighter.
There is generally little advantage to improving the level of your heroes. As shown in your photos the stat increases would be insignificant. Others, however, will correctly argue these small increments can be the difference between victory and defeat in Battles. As such I suggest considering a few factors prior to leveling heroes.

  1. After leveling, will this be your highest level hero?
    It has been determined that the challenge rating of PvE opponents and some bots are calculated with consideration for the level of your highest hero. In other words, improving the level of your highest hero will increase the difficulty encountered in both PvE and PvP. Thus, the insignificant stat increases received from leveling the hero will not compensate for the increased challenge rating.
    If your fighter will be your highest level hero I would suggest not leveling him.

  2. Will spending gold to improve hero level impede your ability to upgrade items?
    I generally suggest gold is better spent on improving items. The significant stat, ability and proc rating increases received from leveling items is significantly more than the pitiful stat increases that occur when heroes themselves are leveled.
    Many of my heroes are level 16 or 17 despite having enough experience to be upgraded to level 20. I likely will not improve these heroes until I have a consistent stockpile of gold. Spending the gold on items remains my top priority.

  3. Are any items tied to the improved hero level?
    Some items require heroes to be a certain level before they can be used. Previously this was capped at level 10, but it is possible this may have changed. I suspect your fighter has no outstanding restrictions at its current level, making this irrelevant in your case.

  4. How much do you value hero level?
    This can be an ego / bragging issue for some players, who place an inordinately high value on hero levels. Similarly some players like to continue improving heroes, using the incremental hero level increases as a “measuring stick” to quantify improvement.

From a D&D perspective it seems nonsensical to advise someone to avoid leveling a hero. However, in this situation I suggest focusing on item improvement over hero levels. Improving items is generally more effective than improving the heroes. This being said, i suspect others can make an equitable argument favoring hero level improvement.


Thanks! That was an amazing answer.

Here’s another piece of information:
I got offered a +16 AC to level up. Then I run into a Tommas in battle with over 3000 AC

It was stunning!
Pun intended

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