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Asking about currently Monolometrodon


Is she good now? I had faced up with her several times in Lockwood-Aviary. Yup, her damage is not that very impressive but with Distracting move and High Hp (compared to Magnapyritor) even has immunity make her like Good-O-Ankylocodon.

I’d like to have a suggestion from veterans who can make a good use of her.

  1. What kind of situation that she has an upper hand?
  2. Which level that she starts being useful?
  3. Is she really worth in the team that already has Tryistronix or Magnapyritor?

Mine is level 24. It is “average” at best. With it not being a meta Dino I like throwing it out just to have it do what it can for a while.


I see. ummm what kind of a job that you give her do? I mean… even she is ‘average’ in your term but you still put her in a team right?

is she good in term of tank? with High Hp and Distracting move


I like to use her as my first to bat. If I’m lucky she’ll take out their first Dino and maybe put a shot on the second. One time she took out all three by herself and didn’t take a scratch.
Many times she does fast and hard. Mine is only level 20, staying there till next patch.


some kind like meatshield by your mean? In order to snatch damage to opponents as much as i can before faint?


Mines 26 and a staple on my team and a great all rounder. Immune, distraction and relatively quick. It may not have the highest damage but extremely useful.

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I like using it as a “swap to” if another is about to die since it can usually take a hit and is fast enough to return 1 or 2.

Plus it’s death animation is one of my favorites.


It can be good at really high levels. Immunity adds so much value. I’ve faced a few at levels between 26-28 that did more than their fair share of damage to my team, but that’s still well above team level for me. Meaning, I don’t have the coin or commitment level to take one that high. Put all that work into getting Magna instead if you can.


I have mine at a 26 also and it has hung in there very well for quite some time. Can’t beat the versatility! Uniques are compiling and I’m hoping to not have to give him up, but feel it is sadly inevitable especially if magna gets the needed buff. Long term, just my opinion, but i don’t think it is strong enough although through mid to high Lockwood it is an asset.


Mine is level 24 in lower Lockwood and it certainly has a place on a diversified team. It does have to be two levels higher than team average, due to the lower damage output. But I can count on that damage consistently against anything.

I have tried it in many positions; starting, cleanup, finisher. I am comfortable with throwing it in second or third, to cleanup and at least damage theirs to where I can one shot the next. It is fast enough to swap in, take a hit and setup the kill also. It has won me many battles due to the diversified kit.

As I create new Dino’s to add to the team, I am hard pressed to replace it. I will switch around all other Dino’s before I try anything else in her slot. Many times when I have replaced it, I come on situations where it would have shined. Lesson learned.


I get slightly emotional when tyro and a couple others 1 to 2 shot him lately :frowning: it happens to others as well, but I’m partial to my little one horned guy.

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