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Asking for some advice from pros - countering trago


Higher levelled trago. Assume at least +2. What are the most reliable counters? I cant swap in anything into it, so it seems to take a dino plus every time I face it. I must be missing something.



Diorajasaurus makes a bloody pulp out of both Tragodistis and Stegodeus. And it’s a Dino meant for swapping into a matchup!


The normal chompers. Tragod is very good now because that stun lends him versatility against non standard counters.


Can any be swapped into it? Or ran into? Looking to strategize. So thor is good if within 2 levels? I know tryo loses when +2.

I do like the dioraja answer. Been meaning to make that.

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Thor needs to crit on the DSI to win against tragodists at equal levels. Of course, trago’s stun can fail but so does Thor’s. Allosino can survive trago’s Rampage + stun + rampage combo at even level due to higher hp and 15% armor.

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I use my dioraja (L25) if I have it, or else I send in my dimodactylus on a kamikaze mission and bleed the thing out. I hate trago and am fine with losing dimo if it means getting rid of the darn thing.

Edit - Dimo is faster than trago, so you get the swap in bleed, but you have to make sure your opponent is not likely to use a slowing attack. A high enough level dimo will survive the rampage, then do the second bleed attack. Stacking bleeds does SERIOUS damage. It’s my favorite tank/tryko killer - even with the dimo sacrifice. Definitely come out better losing a L23 dimo vs a 27+ stegod/trago or 21+ tryko.


Glad to hear leveling my Trago to 27 was a good investment :wink:


How u guys cope with facing all these “incubator” matches plus 10 creatures plus “number of matches” required for daily mission? And still have to face all these “time eating” dinos like Anky, Trago, stego…
How much time we really need to spend daily just to complete these…


100%! Im terrible against it, so run it vs me for sure :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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You won’t have to worry about me for a while (stuck < 4,900 right now), but I will keep this in mind :smiley:

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Can’t your Indoraptor do the job? As long as his evasion doesn’t fail three times, he should take Trago out, or at least leave its HP really low for the next dino to kill it.


Good point!


I like to bleed or indom them nothing more satisfying than timing cloak so the boosted rampage comes in just after invulnerability runs out


I am not aware of any automatically swap in type dinos except DG2. If you can predict the shield you can swap in and ruin it but it’s a risk especially if the stun is up.

Side note, I keep reading “Tragod takes so long…” it prolongs the game by about one extra move with LP on average. It’s like 10 seconds. Folks just claim it takes so much longer because they don’t like facing it or don’t have it high enough level to use it is my guess. You don’t see folks crying about distracting or stuns prolonging the game and they cost the same or sometimes more time.


The incubator one can be a pain, I try to save any 15min ones for the next day if I can, the daily battle one can be done but I suppose it’ll depend if you don’t mind losing a load of battles in the arenas, the strike events battles and friendly battles are also included for this mission.


I think they mean long tomewise. There are certain animations that take a stupidly long amount of time, the most annoying being counter-attacks and the speed priority transfer animation, both of which happen a lot with trago. Plus it’s bulky and not particularly high damage. In 1.4 a trago mirror match and ssing each other was a nightmare.


Oh yes the mirror matches are slow but that doesn’t happen very often. The point is, time wise, what is slower than Tryko? Yet no one is skipping him for time efficiency. It’s fake news.


Well, tryko, unlike trago, can often kill its opponent only with counter-attacks. And when it uses actual attacks it ends very quickly for the opponent :rofl:

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Tragod becomes tradog if Long invincibility and stunning is under cooldown. Otherwise indo the best counter so far I can think of.

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Yeah my Indo rap loves the tragod for some reason against them dodge seems to go to 70% and critical to 100% against them. They must taste great!