Asking something


well, many people created topics to make
this game better.

just like me, they posting feedbacks fot it.
(actually, I’m not so good at that)

but I want to ask you something,
and I also want you to ask yourselves.

Are you even listening what we saying?

Will you change things for this game?


Hey etlic, thanks for writing in and we do listen to what our players are saying! Our staff are always trying to make the game more enjoyable for our players, and our team is aware of and appreciate the feedback provided by all our dino hunters. If you have any more ideas, share it with all of us here:


You don’t listen, cos EVERYONE has clearly said this week’s Dino event is a joke… just recycled and very lazy.

How about giving us something we haven’t had before?
Keep people hooked… not the same monotonous thing over and over.



I need some of the ones that are this week. Not everyone wants the same things. Makes you appreciate it when you get good ones. This past week was great for me I have 2500 ankla DNA now.


Reoccurring / biweekly trash of the week…


Deffo catfish you… surely :drooling_face:


I’ve only been playing 3 months I think so any event is welcome to me but can imagine it gets mundane


okay, I’ll try for it.


Haha better call Nev


Hey ned can you help me, ive been trying to gwt a hold of someone because i didnt receive the hard cash offer and I was wondering if I can somehow get it please respond I think today is the last day I can get it.