Asleep at the Wheel - Form of Dropping

I often run into matches where my opponent will make one first move and then what seems to abandon play. I’m not talking the cases where I destroy their first creatures and they deem the match a loss and close the app. I’m saying they have a good team, could have won but just left play for what ever reason.

This is what looks like a tactic to get your daily incubator while dropping because these players usually get one takedown in the process, sometimes two, letting the opponent get a win. Do this for a day and then the next day play through against easier teams and gain the lost trophy’s back and getting another daily incubator in just 3 or 4 quick battles rather than 5 or 6.

Does anybody do this abandoning the game after the 1st hit? I haven’t used this tactic of play, yet. Who knows, maybe I just happened to play a person who got a phone call or are working and the boss was coming so they quickly threw their phone face down on the desk.

I’ve had a number of times when I hit the first move, then a connection problem severs command for the rest of the fight. That’s the most common time for me to have that problem.

That makes sense. I find the only time I have those occasional connection problems is while playing PvP and this is when I’m in direct line of sight of my wireless router so I think it’s something on their end. It hasn’t completely killed any of my matches but held up enough that it didn’t make the move I selected.